Self Development prerequisite to REI? - Posted by Pat IN

Posted by green on February 22, 2002 at 09:33:50:

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Self Development prerequisite to REI? - Posted by Pat IN

Posted by Pat IN on February 22, 2002 at 07:07:22:

I have been investing in real estate for the last 2 years and have come to the conclusion that self development may be a good place to start before even attempting to invest in real estate.

It took me at least 6 months to a year to change my mind set relative to, how to become financially independent, and not doing all the wrong things that Main Stream America has taught me through traditional/conventional methods.

Knowledge is the Key, I did go to college and spent thousands of dollars on that education, however, that training only got me a decent J.O.B. (No Wealth Building Here).

I realize what I am saying is nothing new to those that frequent this site, but it has been said that REI is not a get rich quick scheme and that is very true.

However, I notice sometimes people want to know how to begin generating fast cash (via REI) without investing in their own education first, and sometimes that may require a person buy a course or two.

I am also now realizing the " you don’t know what you don’t know" scenario. You have to invest in yourself (education) just as any person whom goes to college would, a career in REI is no different.

It didn’t dawn on me until I was listening to a tape of John Ross, being interviewed by A.D. Kessler, that when you spend money on a course, one-on-one consulting, and/or mentoring, that you are investing in yourself and education. I too have looked at the cost of courses/seminars/etc. and thought, man, that’s a lot of money.

While listening to this tape of John Ross, he also made the comment, if a person has not developed (financial literacy, how to manage and keep your wealth) themselves, they may lose all that they have acquired.

Below are some helpful books/links that I know have helped me with my own personal self development, has helped put me on the road of doing the right things:

Rich Dad,Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (can really help change the way you think).

Think and Grow Rich by Naploen Hill (helps build self confidence to do business in creative real estate investing).

Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (same as above). - help with books, posted by Jim Kennedy. (big list of very good books/resources). - “How To Design Your Own Road Map For Success” by J.P. Vaughan. (very enlightening article, found right here at creonline). - “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles (is similar to “Think and Grow Rich”)

I know there are many other good resources, but these are just a few that have helped me.

Pat IN