Sell or Rent? HELP! - Posted by Brett Thompson

Posted by Bill Gatten on March 14, 2001 at 20:59:47:


No offense, but I just can’t imagine how you can afford all the signs you’re referring to, but can’t afford a simple newspaper ad. How much is it costing you while you try to avoid the expense of running an ad?

People who are looking to buy a house are looking in the classifieds for them, not driving around aimlessly hoping to find your open house sign. As much as I hate the prices that newspapers charge, the classified ad is still singularly the best bang for your buck when advertising a house for sale or rent. It certainly should never be your only marketing effort, but it sure ought?a be your pivotal one.

Even if you decide to rent the property out, you’re still going to have to run an ad…unless you just happen to get lucky or are willing to take some pretty hefty chances with the first tenant that comes along.

For the PACTrust solution, try this: No Bank Qual, No Down, No Cred. App, 3 pmts and clos. costs moves you in. $150K 3+2 with fam Rm, only $1,160 per mo. + tax and ins. Call Brett at XXX XXXXX

Then explain when they call that if they can handle the up front costs and the monthly payments and upkeep…you’ll carry the loan and just ‘give them the property’ and all the tax benefits, in exchange for sharing the future appreciation with you…if there is to be any. This way you can get more than Fair Market Rent and eliminate all management, repair, maintenance and other landlord costs and headaches…but still keep your equity intact while continuing to look forward to positive cash flow and future profits. If you don’t get at least 25 calls in 3 days, I’ll be VERY surprised. In addition, those who don?t want that particular house will be people with cash that will take the next one you come across that better suits their needs (built in buyers).

If you want to make your living in real estate investing…don’t sell that house! You’re already a whole house and a whole lot of equity ahead of many of those who have the same objectives you do. An enviable position to be in, in this business.

But do run that ad!

Bill Gatten

Sell or Rent? HELP! - Posted by Brett Thompson

Posted by Brett Thompson on March 14, 2001 at 02:21:15:

Hi, I need some professional advice. I figure if I could find an answer, it would be here. I moved from one state to this one for a job opportunity. (Work for someone else? Ya… I should be investing!!) anyway, we purchased a new home, we thought we would be here for a while. Well, the job did not work out, I had to quit, and now I am working for myself building webpages. We have decided that we would move back to the state we came from. So now I have a problem. I have put the house up for sale FSBO, I am not having any luck. I can’t afford to run ads in the paper, so we are just using open house signs, and I have built a web page for the home which url I place on all our signs and in the ad we ran when it first went up. I need advice as to what we should do. The home is in a new development, it is almost 2200 sqf, and we owe just as much as we financed. Should we continue to try to sell, or should I try renting it. I have hesitated about this because of three things, 1, we will be in another state, 2 finding a renter, and 3, finding a renter that will pay as much as needed to pay the mortage. Any suggestions??? Please, also, if your suggestion is to sell, any creative ideas for advertising would be great!! Thanks