Sheriff's sale in Wa? - Posted by Ben_WA

Posted by Dr, Craig Whisler CA NV on September 16, 2003 at 20:22:39:

After reading Steve, I want to mention that we have both Sheriff sales and lien sales in CA, the same as Steve mentions for WA.

They are not the same, and are conducted by different parties, at different times and different places, but the basic proceedures are very similar. If you like one why not double your pleasure as you double your treasure, and try both.

Ok Steve, I read that comment below. Thanks.

I’ve put my hair net on to control my hat size. :~)

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Sheriff’s sale in Wa? - Posted by Ben_WA

Posted by Ben_WA on September 16, 2003 at 17:58:11:

Well I have been scouting out parks that I want to work in for about the past month and now I have three to work with. On Monday I called the owner of a fairly nice park to ask her if I could work in her park. I had talked to the PM about a week before and he told me he couldn’t make that decision. I had also found out from a tenant that the park had just been handed down through the family and that the PM was new as well. So I kind of expected a bit of learyness from the owner but I decided to call anyway. Guess what the girl didn’t sound much older than me (25) and said that she would have no problem with me in there as long as I didn’t rent. Then she told me that they have fairly strict rules though as far as requiremnets to move in. Here they are: 1) Must have a SS card. 2) Must have an id card. 3) Must make 3 times the amount of lot rent (389) each month. 4) Must pass credit and criminal check. Well I think these seem like very basic requirements.

Then she proceeds to tell me that I cannot buy #38 though and I asked why. It’s going up for sheriff sale on Oct 6th. I know where I will be on the 6th, do you? But I could definately used some advice on this one. Do I need cash to bid? Am I going to responsible for any back rent if I buy it? And is there a minimum bid to start the sale? Remember I live in WA state.

Well thanks to all who listened and for any foreth coming advice.


Better to short circuit the sale if you can. - Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA NV

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA NV on September 16, 2003 at 20:08:00:

I have done lots of mobile home lien sales in California. They are probably the same as a Sheriff’s sale in WA. Usually the minimun bid is the amount owed for back space rent plus the costs of the sale. For this reason all back space rent will be already added into the minum bid, hense no back rent should be due after the sale, though there may be some back taxes due. You usually pay all cash, on the spot, if you are the winning bidder.

If you don’t want to have to bid competitively, there may be a way to short circuit the sale and surprise other interested parties. If you can locate the person losing the mobile you can probably buy it directly from them before the Sheriff’s sale. You ought to be able to buy their title for $100 or less since they will be losing everything in a few days at the sale (unless there are overbids). Then run over to the Sheriffs office quickly before the sale and pay the bill. Then you will own the mobile home and the sale will be canceled. Neat huh? No competitive bidding. You get it at the minimum bid price. Just stop by your local Sheriff’s office and ask them for details on how it works. You could probally check out your state’s laws governing Sheriff’s sales, either on line, or at your local law library.

I would suggest that you try to short circuit the sale by buying the mobile home ahead of time. This will prevent either the park itself, or other bidders, from bidding up the price higher than it is now. This is what I do, when ever I can locate the previous owner. If you have a week or so, and if it is a great deal, don’t hesitate to hire a dective to locate missing owners.

I am talking about this sale ONLY. If a sale comes up in another park, just be sure not to do this, or bid at the sale, until and unless, you have checked first to determine that you can get the parks approval for you to buy and sell in their park. If you don’t, they will not likely approve any of your buyers and you can really get stuck with a lot of space rent and/or the costs of having to move your mobile out of the park.

This is a little more advanced, but if you cannot locate the owner, and if their is a lien holder, you can attempt to buy their interest and then use it to give you standing to pay off the back rent etc. before the sale. You can then foreclose your lender’s interest according to the laws of your state. This might be kind of juicy if there is a newer, expensive, mobile home and an out of state lender, epecially if the lender is in bankruptcy or hurting financially. Hey, how much does a couple of phone call cost?

Good luck and let us know what happens.

Regards, doc

Re: Sheriff’s sale in Wa? - Posted by Steve-WA

Posted by Steve-WA on September 16, 2003 at 18:53:04:

Ben, feel free to give me a call - 360.265.1619

Depends on your county, but if it is a sheriff’s sale, why is it going up for sale? Ask the PM or owner this. It may be back taxes, or it may be a drug seizure, or it may just belong to the sheriff!

Find out who is holding the sale, and they will answer your questions. Probably will need cash or cashier’s check immediately. If it being sold by the park through a landlord lien process, then the minimum bid will be back rent and penalties and fees due. If not sold through the park, then back rent should be a moot issue. Ask the park.

You need to be asking the right people, and those are the people in your park/county. It’s different everywhere.