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Posted by leeroy on January 03, 2001 at 18:22:28:

I to believe there is money to be made at this but how to go about It I am not completely sure. I think it will take some research and, I am trying to find some good information on how to find these prospects. If anyone has any good ideas let me know.

stephanchik - Posted by mary

Posted by mary on October 06, 2000 at 06:38:25:

anyonegotten the information tape from stephanchik?I did.Got all steameed and ready to go and found out theres another step which is quite costly.Can anyone relate to this?Anyone done it with making money?Is it worth $5000.How long did it take you to recoup it?I hate to go out on a limb and find out its another dead

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Posted by Brent on October 06, 2000 at 09:43:04:

I asked a similar question on another topic. The general advice was to read all the posts and referenced sites on the board to gain a strong background education of better quality than could be obtained from most entry level courses. It’s also free. This proved to be very true and I was grateful for the advise.

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Posted by Gerard LeBlond on October 27, 2000 at 21:57:45:

I too purchased an inexpensive book and video set from John Stephanchik recently (October 2000)only to discover that the “real meat and potato” information needed to do the “deals” could only be acquired by purchasing a $5000 ticket and attending a 3-day Stephanchik workshop.

No thank you.

First of all John Stephanchik did not invent the discounted note business and his “Success Mortgage” firm out of Austen, Texas is really owned by Robert Leonetti and his partner Jayme Kahla. The actual name of the company is Success Investments. Turns out that Stephanchik entered into an agreement with the principals of Success Investments whereby Stephanchik’s “students” (the ones who each shell out $5000) would be supported by Success Investments. Also turns out that many people who are not Stephanchik students can deal with the people at Success Mortgage (aka Success Investments).

When the sales department at Stephanchik’s organization tried to get me to commit myself in handing over $5000 to their organization I told them that I would prefer to raise the cash by actually finding a few mortgages and acting as a go-between with a buyer in the secondary market. The sales people tried passionately to convince me to borrow the funds from my credit card instead. NO CAN DO.

During the passionate discourse there was much yelling and screaming being transmitted over the AT&T lines while the sales reps tried to get the money out of me and I successfully protected my wallet. I am not interested in buying any hyper inflated back-end or up-selling item which may or may not be useful.

I expect that either Greg or Brad, from Stephanchik’s sales department, will try follow-up calls in a couple of days. I wonder why they aren’t out finding paper to discount instead of spending precious time yelling over the phone.

It’s a Jungle out there. Try not to get eaten alive. Cheers.

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Posted by wes on December 28, 2000 at 24:13:00:

I also purchased the same book and video for some literature I received from this same fellow. I then started getting calls from them trying to sell me the same 1 year training course from so called profesionals. I also got into some very heated argumets with his so called staff and senior members when I wouldn’t submit my 3000.00 to them for some cassettes and the training. I asked several questions , like why are you on the phone with me instead of out looking for this miracle property! They wouldn’t answer. They guarantee you will make 3000.00 your first month. So I asked them to send me the tapes and I would try them, and if they worked I would send them 3000.00 no problem. So finally they got mad told me I would never do anything with my life and said they had waisted their time with me ,and that they had! Because I am not that stupid to give them 3000.00 or more for something that truly doesn’t have no guarantee at all.

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Posted by Scott on January 03, 2001 at 01:32:25:

I also purchased tape and book. I also spoke with sales person on several occasions. He did not try and talk me into $3000.00 seminar. He was pushing $600.00 book and tape set. I’m still not convinced either way. many of the other “note experts” sell beginner’s info packets…This guy does say to bring the opportunities to his organization and they will buy them. I’m still not sold on his program. I do see that there’s $$ to be made in the note business. I’m just not sure where to turn to get the necessary info. to begin this venture…suggestions?