submitting offer to realtor? - Posted by LeBaron (KS)

Posted by Mark (SDCA) on April 22, 1999 at 15:54:38:

Correct. Some realtors may try not to submit it. But you can report them to the Board of Realtors if need be.


submitting offer to realtor? - Posted by LeBaron (KS)

Posted by LeBaron (KS) on April 22, 1999 at 15:52:26:

Hello all? I would like to confirm that if I call a realtor and submit an offer on a property they are listing, they have to write that offer up and submit it to the property owners? I mean, they can’t tell me that my offer is too low and therefore they aren’t going to waste their time submitting it?

I am just trying to be prepared if one ever says this to me. Thanks for any and all information!

LeBaron (KS)

Re: submitting offer to realtor? - Posted by Geff

Posted by Geff on April 27, 1999 at 24:18:53:

Just a thought here…

If you have to go through a Realtor (yes, I am one) then you should be able to negotiate with him a little bit. If he seems like he doesn’t want to write up and present your offer to the buyer. Hint around to the fact that you came to him/her and you could go to another Realtor and have them write up the offer. This will usually do the trick.
The First Realtor (listing agent) will get the entire commission if it sells. If you bring in another Realtor (buyers agent), his commission is cut in half since he has to pay the other Realtor.

You can sometimes get the listing agent to kick in some cash at closing by using this method too. Ask him to kick in 2% or something like that. On a 7% commission, that means he will still get 5%. If you bring in another Realtor, he will only get 3.5%

Make sense?


Re: submitting offer to realtor? - Posted by Craig

Posted by Craig on April 23, 1999 at 12:46:28:

Tell the realtor that you would like to submit an offer and would like to be present with him when you do. If he/she asks what the offer is before then tell him that when you and he/she meet with the seller he will know. He will wise up eventually and know that you know that he has to submit it. The added plus of being there when the offer is submitted is that the realtor won’t be prone to trying to convince the seller not to accept it. I won’t make an offer unless I’m eyeball to eyeball with the seller, period.

Re: submitting offer to realtor? - Posted by Zeus(ID)

Posted by Zeus(ID) on April 23, 1999 at 24:26:00:

Oral contracts in real estate don’t hold much water! If you are going to submit an offer do it in writing. Most realtors are very helpful and should write up your offer.You can also go to a good stationary store near you and get a fill-in-the-blank offer-to-buy form, that is legal for your state, if you come across a hard to deal with realtor. I believe offers in writing have to be given to the seller by law. Some of the “Wise Ones” on this board may be able to tell you for sure or you can certainly talk to your state real estate board. Remember in this business, paper is everything!Good luck and never stop trying!