Sure would like to see some good success stories... - Posted by Jen-LA

Posted by Jen-LA on May 03, 2000 at 14:50:14:

Thanks Bill- I’ve actually over the months read all of them I think. I was looking for just some more “general” success stories- how your life has changed since you started this, not necessarily “made $2000 in two weeks” type of stuff (although that’s not all bad either!). If anyone has some spare time- it’s not a big deal…

Sure would like to see some good success stories… - Posted by Jen-LA

Posted by Jen-LA on May 03, 2000 at 14:33:33:

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, or maybe it’s just a rut, but I could REALLY use some good inspirational rags to riches, or just success stories in general from some of you successful people. I stay home with our daughter and dh is an architect, and we make enough to live- we actually just bought a nice house, but we are still not financially independant. With 2 deals in the works right now, we are always a little closer- it’s just waiting for that magical moment when we realize he doesn’t need to go back to “work”. We are still in our 20s, so I know we have time, I just want to hear that it can and, more importantly, WILL happen. I am so persistant, I won’t let it not happen- plus as many of you know, this stuff is totally addictive- I don’t think I could stop looking for deals if I tried! We just get so antsy when we think about how much we could be getting done every day if he was here at home.

Okay- I’m so sorry to vent, I just figured if anybody could give us good motivation and/or postive drive, it’d be you guys.
Plus, everybody likes to recount their “how I got to where I am” stories.

Thanks a lot- jen

Re: Sure would like to see some good success stories… - Posted by Ed

Posted by Ed on May 04, 2000 at 18:17:42:

O.K. Jen, here goes. I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but I just had to answer. I too had longed to get involved in R.E.I. I have been reading everything I could get my hands on for the last 15 YEARS!!!
Last year I discovered this site. In December of last year, I took the plunge. By that I mean I ordered some info from someone you see on this site all the time. This person is into flipping. I figured I could earn enough cash from flipping to get involved in “investing”. In January I placed some ads. By February I had some buyers lined up. By March I had a home under contract. Another in April. I flipped my first deal in April and done a Lease purchase (which I knew nothing about) 3 days later. I have another deal closing next week on a flip. The person I am working with has walked me through each step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without them. With that said, let me tell you, life is only what you make it. I will be 40 in 6 days. I have dreamed about this for 15 YEARS. 15 YEARS!!!

I know you want to bring dad home ASAP, but remember, every day you pick up the phone while your daughter is sleeping and call on a deal, you are providing for her future. Everyday you don’t give up is another day your are providing for her future. Every deal you do is providing for her future. And I don’t mean financially. I mean you are learning something that you can share with your daughter that all the money in the world can’t replace. How to enjoy life and go after everything life has to offer.
When I first got interested in R.E., you were only a child. It took “ME” until “YOU” were an adult to get the motivation because there was no one there to show me the way. You have the knowledge and the drive. God will provide the rest. Just hang in there and remember to share the knowledge. THAT is what makes us all a better person.

Sorry to ramble on.

Good luck,

Not a $$$ Sucess Story, But… - Posted by SteveA (FL)

Posted by SteveA (FL) on May 04, 2000 at 08:31:47:

I just recently turned down a promotion at my JOB so that I could stay focused on REI. It was a hard decision. My boss and one of our Exec’s. hinted that I could get the position if I applied, so I did, and interviewed for it. Yesterday I withdrew my app.

The good side is I feel great about it. Even though it was so against the mainstream, I know I’m staying on track with my goals. I’ve made 2 offers and I know that first deal is getting closer. I wake up everyday wishing I could be independent and stay home with my wife and 1 year old daughter instead of driving 35 miles to work.

It’s getting closer. I can taste it. I want it.

Good luck to you!

Re: Sure would like to see some good success stories… - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on May 03, 2000 at 21:28:24:

I started investing in RE when I was 28. I bought 7 or 8 SFR, a 4 plex, an 8 plex, and a commercial building over the next 5 years. Then I sat and did nothing for 7 years. (Divorce, IRS audit, life in general) Now, I have been back on track for almost 2 years. I could quit my job right now, that is if I could stand the boredom. I just turned 41. I’m now rehabbing about a house a month. Gutting rentals and buying and selling some. By the way, I “own” my regular job too, but it’s not as fun anymore, so I can’t really just quit.

Good luck. RE does pay !

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: Sure would like to see some good success stories… - Posted by Bill K. (AZ)

Posted by Bill K. (AZ) on May 03, 2000 at 14:43:23:


Have you read all of the “Success Stories” on this site? If not, they are located under a heading of the same name at the top left of this page.

Bill K. (AZ)