taking a MH back - Posted by Johnm

Posted by Russ (WV) on March 19, 2001 at 12:10:31:

I’m curious about this one myself. Anyone who’s had experience taking back MH’s care to comment/share their experience and/or documentation?

taking a MH back - Posted by Johnm

Posted by Johnm on March 15, 2001 at 08:36:32:

I have a MH that I did a Lonnie deal on two years ago. It has the standard Lonnie contract on it. The guy paid very good for two years and now he lost his job and has moved out.

I’ve given him a couple months to make it right but he still doesn’t have a job and the lot rent is piling up. I told him if he gives the MH back I’ll pay his back lot rent and he’ll be free and clear with me. He has agreed to this and thanked me for helping him get out from under this MH which he has almost paid off, by the way.

This is a pretty good deal for me since I only paid 3000 for it and he’s been paying 250 per month for two years, plus 500 down. Now I just pay 400 in back lot rent and I get to sell it again.

What I need though is some kind of contract for him to sign that cancels the original contract. Something like “Since you have failed to make your payments you are agreeing to give the MH back and cancel the contract dated…”

Anyone have such a contract and would you mind emailing it to me?