Tax lien certs in FL. ?? - Posted by GIO

Posted by Jonathan Rexford on March 19, 2000 at 19:45:03:

Buy a Book called the 16% Solution… it has a good base of bidding and what type of certificates. In the state of florida you buy the leins for interest investment… Not for property I could go into detail but it would take a little while.

Jonathan Rexford (FL)
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Tax lien certs in FL. ?? - Posted by GIO

Posted by GIO on March 19, 2000 at 18:38:15:

i will be in fla. for about 1 wk coming soon and would like to speak to someone who has purcchased tax certs in fla.
in the past i heard an atty speak on the subj and he said fla. is one of the better places to buy these especially certs that no one has bought .?? i never dealt in tax certs before - what can you suggest ?

Re: Tax lien certs in FL. ?? - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on March 19, 2000 at 20:56:34:

I have bought them in the past. I still own a few. The maximum rate is 18% simple interest. Not too shabby.

You must wait 2 years before you foreclose on the property. In my observation, only a small percentage ever get foreclosed. The owner almost always redeems when threatened with foreclosure.

Where I live in Orlando, there are always 500 or so bidders at the tax certificate auctions. It is totally impossible to get a tax certificate on a specific property unless you bid the certificate down to a low interest rate. If specific properties are your game, go out into the outlying counties and bid there.