tax liens - Posted by Keith F.


Posted by Mark A Nelson on November 21, 1998 at 20:37:27:

Check with your local courthouse on the specifics of tax liens,as they very from state to state & county to county. There are legal ways to collect. The process is usually very long but the reward can be great, so patience is required.


tax liens - Posted by Keith F.

Posted by Keith F. on November 17, 1998 at 14:43:35:

I have been researching many investment options in real estate, and I recently came across the concept of a tax lien. I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience with this sort of thing. It seems like such an easy thing, and when something seems too good to be true, I believe it usually is. Once the lien has been acquired, how does one go about enforcing the payment of debt? Do tennants usually comply, and if not, will the law intervene with eviction? I appreciate any attention given to this inquiry. Thanks,