Tenant issue in Atlanta Ga - Posted by rob

Posted by Ed - Atlanta on September 08, 2003 at 10:58:22:


Here is the link for Georgia landlord tenant law.

As far as the mini-blinds, I had them put in my new construction homes just as plus for my tenants along with ceiling fans. But in your case the tenant should have requested you provide the blinds BEFORE signing the lease or providing the deposit. Blinds are not terribly expensive. If you are going to get some nice cash flow and if it took awhile to get a tenant I may cave in. I know, it should have been listed in the lease agreement before the tenant signed. Besides, your cash flow (tenant) will pay for the blinds in a couple of months and the blinds will be up for the next tenant.

Tenant issue in Atlanta Ga - Posted by rob

Posted by rob on September 08, 2003 at 08:46:21:

I have a property (Atlanta Ga )that I have a signed lease (regular rental - not a lease purchase) with a tenant for 12 months. The property is brand new construction and it has no blinds for the windows.
The tenant is demanding that I put blinds in the windows or he will not rent the property or honor the lease. He has already paid me his deposit.
My question is " Is there any legal statute that states I have to have blinds in the windows on a regular rental property ?"

thanks for your help !