Thank You

I feel that the time has come that I must step down as the moderator for the mobile home forum. Over the last several months I simply have been unable to put time in posting on the forum and I do not wish for this to interfere with the investment education of other/newer investors. I still enjoy the site, still enjoy mobile home investing but I do not believe it is fair to others if I am not there reading and posting regularly.

I have been posting since 1998 and have greatly enjoyed and benefited from the mobile home forum. I wish for others to continue that tradition for me now. I thank you all and I will still check in from time to time and help where I can.

Over the next week or so, JP will make the necessary changes. Again, I thank you all and wish you the very best of success.

Tony Colella

Tony, so sorry to see you leave as moderator, but I do understand. You’ve contributed a ton over the years and were instrumental in helping me get started, personally.

Networking is in a sad state these days. It seemed like, in days gone by, the more we got together, went to events, and spoke on the phone (or remember the CHAT?) we were all much more successful. I personally believe that many of our struggles (my own included) have come from disengaging from this networking component of our investing careers. I don’t mean to suggest that everyone is failing or worse off today, but I think there has certainly been a tremendous loss of enthusiasm that has translated into isolation, apathy, despair, etc.

I, for one, hope you continue to share your advice as time and circumstances permit.


We’ll sure miss Tony too. He’s been helping CRE visitors here since 1998! But aside from that, people just don’t come much better than Tony Colella.

Thanks again, Tony, for your support and friendship over these so many years.



Thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us and for me personally. I look forward to still seeing your posts as time permits as well as keeping in touch in general.


Tony I appreciate all that i have learned through the years from both you and Scott via this forum and otherwise.

I have never been so excited about land/home investing as i am today, and I would imagine that you feel the same way. I think what Buffett said about stocks in 1973 applies today to sfh’s & land/homes, “this is the time to get rich!!”


For the far fewer years I’ve been on the forum, you have led the troops here with skill, enthusiasm, and honesty. You have been more generous than most and a true gentleman.

I am proud to count you among one of my friends.

Thanks for your presence.


Thank you, Tony

Tony, thank you so much for sharing so much of your time and knowledge over the many years. You’ve helped more people reach their financial dreams than you will ever know. You’ve been a real inspiration to all of us.
And I personally want to thank you for your friendship, and all the beautiful memories of times past.
Folks, just because Tony has found it necessary to “step down” from moderating, you should consider this the time to “step up”. If Tony could find the time to give so much, for so long, surely you can find the time to share your experiences, knowledge and thoughts to keep this site active and beneficial to the rest.
I would also like to thank JP, Terry and Jeanne for making all of this possible by keeping this great site going for so long. And a special thanks for all the great conventions and all the beautiful memories of so many friends we met at those conventions. It’s been wonderful and the memories will live forever. Wouldn’t it be great if we could experience one more convention like we used to have? Just a thought.
Best wishes to everyone,
Lonnie Scruggs


It is sad to hear you are standing down. Like many things, we all get to a point when it is time to make a change. Your contributions have been great and I am sure we will see you contributing in the future.

Good luck with your ventures.

To the others, I think Lonnie’s “challenge” is a good one. The community benefit when we all contribute. Even if we each just add one question, one suggestion or one comment per week the community is stronger.

Tony, We really appreciate all you have done for this forum and the MH business in general. I still remember the day we met in “Cuse” at that little investor meeting in 04 or so? Karen and I are going to make one of these spring MOM’s I promise. Call me anytime
Thanks and good luck in all your future endeavors.

Best of luck to you Tony!