The elusive cash sale... - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by TeddyB_SC on March 09, 2006 at 17:20:20:


The elusive cash sale… - Posted by jp(sc)

Posted by jp(sc) on March 09, 2006 at 15:29:37:

I just managed to close one! I was extremely skeptical of the buyer when he first called, but he came through. I purchased a 97 3/2 bank repo for 4700, then sold for 9000 without moving it or doing a single thing to it. I could have easily sold this one for $15-17k on a note, but I opted for the quick nickel instead of the slow dime. I have about 2 hours work in this deal including phone calls and the time to fill out the paperwork. Oh well, now I have to find another one somehow…

A big thank you to this message board and all its contributors. I’ve learned a ton.