The little pig that was unhappy with his life. - Posted by HankTX


Posted by phil fernandez on January 16, 1999 at 07:06:41:


I’m the only guy in the chatroom that still calls you that. Along with Steve Cook, you have also grown through this past year. You now have an apartment. You now have a car. You now have an account set up. LeBeau, you didn’t have any of these one year ago.

Everyone measures their growth a different way. Now that you have your base and more importantly now that you see that you can control your own destiny, you’re on your way.

Congratulations, I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work.


The little pig that was unhappy with his life. - Posted by HankTX

Posted by HankTX on January 15, 1999 at 20:50:18:

I am so happy, today! I have been here over a year.
Even though, I haven’t done any deals. I am happy
that this site and the people here have changed me.
I was upset at not having any deals, then I read
this little story and realized how much I have
changed. JP has been great. Thanks to everybody
for reccommending Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A year
ago, I was living in a homeless shelter. Today,
I have my own apartment and car. I have opened
a brokerage account also. This little pig
is happy. :slight_smile:

SteveCook, I am so proud of you, too. You have changed
so much this year. You have done many deals and have
grown alot.proud smile

Here is the pig story I found. Thanks alot, Dean Crabb.

I was reading this great little kids book the other
day and it talked about a little pig who wasn’t happy
with his life. He had tried so hard to change his
life and was feeling like he wasn’t getting anywhere.
Years past and he kept trying and trying but to no
avail. Then, one day he started walking, as he did
frequently, thinking about how he wanted to get change
his life get away, just away, be a different person or
maybe even in a different place. On this day he
wandered far from home and slipped into a pond. In
desperation he tried to get out and tried to get but
he found he was stuck and kept slipping back in. He
just wanted to get out of the pond. His life flashed
before his eyes and he remembered back to times of
how he had been and just how far he had come. And in
that moment he realised that everything he had learnt
had got him somewhere but he noticed he was so caught
up in where he wanted to get away from he never
realised where he wanted to go. Suddenly he realised
a long reed in front of him and grabbed onto it and
pulled himself out of the pond. He lay there panting,
realizing with all his trying he had never taken the
time out to figure out where he wanted to go. He
realised that if he had kept on thinking about getting
out of the pond he never would have seen the reed in
front of him. He was now safe and he appreciated being
alive. And for the first time he appreciated just
how far he had actually come over the years. He could
remember times as a little pig doing things he would
never do now and contrasting the two he now knew what
a difference he could make to his life…what a
difference he had already made!! It was his belief
that he couldn’t change that was limiting his growth.