"The Procrastination Technique" (joke) - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Bassman on May 13, 1999 at 17:41:27:

Sandy ,
Why are you procrastinating . Do you need " motivation"
As far as the ads go , just do it lady , your bound to get something. Tell the Rep , " Is that the lowest you will go ? Maybe I should check out the other papers , they are bound to give me a better deal than that . "
Just a thought .

“The Procrastination Technique” (joke) - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Sandy FL on May 13, 1999 at 13:41:03:

Last week I had contacted an community newspaper ad rep
about their classified rates. I showed interest but when I
did not call back to inquire further, the rep called again.
When I then faxed her a copy of the ad I wanted to run, but
still didn’t commit, she called to say they were having a
"new program" (sounds like Jeff Taylor, yes?)… Half price
off the previous quoted rates, for NEW advertisers ONLY.

You know,… I wasn’t trying to negotiate, I just didn’t
have the funds to commit! (didn’t tell her that) And it
seemed to me they dropped their rates in response to my
[procrastination] hesitation. OR … maybe those were their
advertising rates all along …? Or… if I advertise with
them … next month it will be back to the usual price?

Can any of you seasoned professionals share with me what your favorite negotiating strategies are? (not necessarily to do with advertising rates, but anything)

Also, here is a link to Roger Dawson’s webpage. There are
a couple of interesting articles about negotiating there.


Sandy FL