The ultimate discount $1,000,000 for $100 - or less - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on June 04, 1999 at 17:38:32:

As you may know, I offered a free 5 day “Advanced Paper Training” to those that purchased the 5 day video course at the convention. Then I offered those others who had purchased the videos before or after the convention to come for just my cost of $100.

I’m not sure everyone noticed those posts since they were on the CASH FLOW newsgroup and I didn’t post them here. I don’t want to miss anyone that would have been interested and the room space is almost booked.

A couple have had questions as to whether the material is the same as on the video tapes. Not at all. It will be more advanced. All attending have the video course should have reviewed them. Plus, those attending the live seminar where the videos were taped were a very basic crowd.

Also - THE BASICS BORE ME. So I love to go deeper.

Now, this will cost me, but let’s make it totally free (to those who have the videos). I don’t know if $100 would stop anyone from coming, but just in case - let’s forget about it. I’ll eat the cost - I want you there.

Now, I won’t pay your airfare or hotel. I’m a little crazy, but not totally off the deep end. For those who have already sent the hundred, I’ll send your check back.

BUT! As I posted below, the remaining rooms we had set aside are about to be released and will be gone soon, so this does need to be a prompt decision. So, study up on the videos and be prepared. As one long time mortgage broker put it, “I learned more in 5 days than in 20 years in the business”.