This Would Help All The Newbie. - Posted by Maggie

Posted by Maggie on April 01, 1999 at 09:26:53:

Hello Everyone:

I am a beginner. Just like the many that are here. I am close to being broke. I live pay check to pay check. Paying high rents and other costs (I live in California) After all this, I am left with hardly anything. I feel that I am down and out. Recently, I purchase the Carlton Sheet’s course that I saw on TV. I have read it twice and sort of got the ideal. At time, I would get a somewhat confused, and still don’t understand it. Here are some questions that I need answered that may start me up, or some other newbie.

What are the steps to doing a deal?
Negotiation, contract, clauses, title, closing of the deal, etc…
How would U go about it?
Use a make believe base of 100K

Types of contract forms to use?
Where to get there?

I have been reading the post and people are saying that the CS contract are too generic.

Title company
Do you use them all the time?
Closing the deal, or putting your contract there?

What would you do for comps and to be familar with the area, price, etc…?

Do you make an offer without seeing the property? Like when you are calling on an ad?

While looking at the property, do you make an offer immediately to the owner right there, or do you wait?

How about realtor that have a listing? Would you make an offer below market with them? It would seems like they would cause problems, or ignore you.

I know these questions have been answer many times (some in the CS course too), but if you show some of the newbies the steps. I am sure the will cherish it forever. I know I would.

Thank you,