title question - Posted by kt

Posted by Jacque - WA on March 06, 2002 at 11:05:11:

Hi KT,

Your problem is easily solved - when you purchase the home the title goes into your companies name.

When you sell the home you register the title under the new owners name (which is what your park is wanting) and you become the lienholder ? just like a bank.

Jacque - WA

title question - Posted by kt

Posted by kt on March 06, 2002 at 10:52:35:

hi guys!

found a great park with a cooperative PM. problem is he says whoever lives in the park has to have the title in their name. i explained thats my collateral but he wont budge on this…says i can be co-owner maybe?


Re: title question - Posted by Trey

Posted by Trey on March 06, 2002 at 23:01:48:

If you can find a designated agent to do your title work for you, they can put you on the title as “lienholder”. The title will be in their name but you will hold it until it is paid off. It still will be no good until you assign it on the back to them.