To flip or not to flip? - Posted by Rox

Posted by Lou on August 27, 2003 at 21:07:46:

Most agents are clueless when it comes to creative financing. They know two things list and sell with bank financing. Get with an agent in your local real estate club and find a good attorney there as well. Wholesaling is not illegeal. Make sure you ask the right people the right questions. I had a “real estate” attorney tell me he had no Idea what a double close was and he was highly recomended by the title company. He just knew one thing, close bank loans.

Educate yourself so you know when you are talking to the wrong person by the answers you are given. Its hard to interview someone if you don’t know what to ask. I have spent over $2000 just this year on courses. Most were over priced but I have armed myself with enough knowledge to surround myself with a team that knows what creative real estate is all about.

good luck

To flip or not to flip? - Posted by Rox

Posted by Rox on August 27, 2003 at 16:16:31:

Hi this is my first post and I have to say this is a great site - love the informative posts and generous posters! Thank you! My question is about flipping. I finally took my first step forward and called a Real Estate Agent I had met at an open house. Something in her advertising said to me that she might know how to flip a house(creative financing). I had a lot of questions, but she ended up asking me many more. Anyway, she said I was asking her to do something illegal and she hung up on me. I guess my question is: is flipping illegal here in California?, and, I guess I’m hoping for a little support to get back in the saddle again.

Re: To flip or not to flip? - Posted by cindy

Posted by cindy on September 01, 2003 at 13:28:34:

Ya Know i have had the same problems. I learned not to use the term’s flippy with real estate agent. Because they think it’s bad. More so I belive they think there little upset as to how we make are profit and all they get is commision.So I wouldn’t suggest the terms flippy to them unless you find one that will work with you. I would simpy say your interested in investing property but not flippy Bad word to them.