Trying to get the heirs on board

I’m under contract with a property that has an investor buyer lined up and ready to go. Only problem is that the property was recently inherited by a number of siblings. The executor, and the one that’s been paying the bills for her mother, wants to sell. She can’t get the siblings to sign off on the paperwork, which is required here in Virginia. My buyer wants to close quick- in a week or so. Is there a way to make this happen? Is there a way to go around the non- conforming siblings??

Google “Rick the Probate Guy” and see if he is still in business and pose this question to him He works exclusively with probate problems which is what you have here.

I am not sure you need the heirs’ permission. Usually the executor/executrix (also known as the “personal representative”) has authority to sell off assets. She owes a duty to the estate (and thus the heirs) to act in their best interests in terms of the sale, but if the price and terms are reasonable, I don’t think the heirs can balk.

The issue more importantly, is whether it’s still in the probate process or has the representative already deeded the property from the estate to the heirs?