Up date of the Atlanta workshop... - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Skip (CA) on April 07, 1999 at 14:23:01:

Unsolicited testimonial:
For those who attend this workshop, it will be an awesome experience, possibly life changing. I attended the St. Louis workshop and it changed the scope of deals I look at. I just closed on a small 20 acre developement in SoCal that has the potential of yielding a profit in the low to mid six figures. Like the Dallas convention, the opportunity to network with people having more and different RE experience is an added plus. Ed and Terry are among the best and they have the ability to recognize the level each attendee is at and bring you up from there. That’s one of the advantages of the one-on-one mentoring. In my opinion you will benefit most from this workshop if you have already worked several deals. I’ve used Ed several times to comfort me and calm me down during the above deal because all did not go smoothly and it was more complicated than I had anticipated. As many on this board have noted, he’s a stupendous resource!

Up date of the Atlanta workshop… - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on April 07, 1999 at 11:50:35:

Up date of the Atlanta workshop.

We still have seats available for the Atlanta workshop.

I would like to apologize to those of you that have been turned down
for the workshop, it is nothing personal.

I would also like to tell those who have not been contacted, that you
will with in this next week, we were short handed because Terry and
J .P. were on a cruise, but they will be back today.

What is happening in regards to the workshop is as follows:

The price was left out with intention. the reason being, we could call the
participants back and screen them.

Terry and I spend 3 days of intensive training with the group that comes
to Atlanta. Then I spend 3 months mentoring them on an individual basis,
structuring deals, and tailoring financing to their individual circumstances.

When we call you back, it gives us an opportunity to tell you the price,
and what the workshop consist of, as well as answer any questions you
might have. It also gives us the opportunity to screen you as a candidate.

What we look for is, desire, motivation, attitude, experience, and commitment.

We inherited the participants that signed up at the convention. We now
want to select the remaining candidates.

Thank you, for your patience and understanding.

Ed Garcia