Use Bandit Signs - Posted by Rick

Posted by Tim Jensen on March 15, 2000 at 08:24:52:


It has been over 2 years and I have not had a problem. Like I said before, just use common sense. Do not plaster the signs all over the place and stay out of residential areas and you should be just fine.

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Use Bandit Signs - Posted by Rick

Posted by Rick on March 14, 2000 at 20:29:06:

Rick’s MH (and other RE) tip of the day:

USE BANDIT SIGNS (I never knew they were called this til I read the thread a few down)

Talked to Jim_IL at the conference and he said this worked best for him, so I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t want to mess with paint so I just printed my message on brightly colored paper and laminated it. ($1 per sheet). Then screwed them into phone poles.

I put up 25 of them Sunday at dusk near MH Parks, and I got one call Monday, and one call today. Bought both homes today in a seller’s market!

It might really work for you.


P.S. One lady, who had to sell by this weekend or abandon the home, said that when she saw my “I BUY MOBILE HOMES” sign, she literally thought “God had sent this down from heaven”.

Pros vs. Cons - Posted by Rick Wheat

Posted by Rick Wheat on March 15, 2000 at 09:40:49:


I work with Ron LeGrand teaching his Bootcamps and Workshops, as well as directing his Hotline Service. We just finished up a three day marketing seminar this weekend, and signs were a topic of great discussion.

We have customers all over the country that run their entire marketing campaign using nothing but these signs. In fact, there are a couple of guys locally that have them posted EVERYWHERE.

The good news is that they get loads of phone calls. However, it’s sorta like a dog chasing a car, because they just don’t know what to do with most of them when they catch up to them (they haven’t been trained properly).

The BAD news, is that the rumor mill says the State’s Attorneys office is about to rain down with a fury upon their heads, because of the continued violations of the sign ordinances. There’s supposed to be a fine of up to $250.00 PER SIGN, and these guys have hundreds out.

Point is, be careful how you use them. They can generate lots of business, just don’t be obnoxious with them.


Rick Wheat

The Use of Bandit Signs - Posted by JoeKaiser

Posted by JoeKaiser on March 14, 2000 at 20:50:38:

No Polly Anna here, but still, I just don’t get the Bandit sign thing.

Sure, they may be effective, but I suspect the residual damage will at some point come back and bite you.

The next time you need a permit and the folks who grant them put two and two together and figure out you’re the same guy who’s signs they’ve been collecting . . . I suspect “permit denied” will be the likely result. The folks who police my neighborhood really do have better things to do.

But that’s a minor detail. It just seems to me like a bad idea to be out there mucking up the neighborhood and basically thumbing your nose at the ordinances that prohibit this sort of thing.

Bad karma, minimum.


I AGREE - Posted by Tim Jensen

Posted by Tim Jensen on March 15, 2000 at 18:36:02:


Re: The Use of Bandit Signs…my take. - Posted by Tim Jensen

Posted by Tim Jensen on March 15, 2000 at 07:14:01:


I can see your point, but I think you are mistaken on the bandit signs karma thing.

This is how I do the signs. First off, I do not plaster them everywhere. I put them sparingly and never in a residential neighborhood. You need to respect the neighbors rights not to see your dumb sign on their drive down their block. So busness distict is where I put them, by grocery stores, dept. stores, and gas stations.

Secondly, use a number that can not be linked to your house. A cell number or a number to a answering service, that way when you go to get a permit you use a different number. I understand the government could eventually get the number, it is just that it may be too much trouble for them to go through the hassle to find it, especuially if you don’t have signs everywhere.

Finally, I believe that you should try using the sign. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the results. My wife used to think thay were stupid and would not work, that was 4 deals ago. They do work well and if done properly, you will not be hassled.

Take Care,

Re: The Use of Bandit Signs - Posted by MilNC

Posted by MilNC on March 14, 2000 at 22:33:23:

Ordinance --shmordinance.

I agree with you basically, re the karma…but depends on your town.
I see signs from time to time, but I live in a small
town, and there aren’t really big signs, either. The bandit signs are small, few, far bewteen.
I tend not to take them seriously, because they will
say something like LOSE WEIGHT NOW 555-xxxx.
But perhaps RE signs in the right neighborhood at the
right time…
I think the printing should be large enough to read so you don’t have to strain to see or block traffic,
posted at the right angle and where a person would stop,
but not garish–oh no!

Posting at a local general store if that is a community center seems reasonable.

Probably depends on the competition. Here, the post office is the center–it has a bulletin board, apparently this is against the law, but everyone posts
their home business there from pet sitting to music
lessons, lost pets, FSBO’s. Now I think maybe the first person
to complain would be the 3rd person advertising
a competing service.

Hey, our town gov’t is trying to get an ordinance
saying you can’t put a sofa on your own D*****
front porch! People are up in arms!
The town extends from “town” to out in the sticks.
They want to fine people.

If the number is on the sign, and it’s a problem,
the owner can be called. On the other hand, the people
that throw bottles and fast food cartons in the field across from my house,
or on my lawn, cannot.
I have to pick that up,or wait til the prison decides
to have a crew come out, or the adopt- a -hwy people,
who apparently are dead, come by. I’d like to complain
to the people who fly by at 50 mph for the sole purpose of throwing litter on my lawn, but I don’t know how to contact their karma. Might save the DNA, though.
Now, I think I could take photos and catch them at it, if I just had a sofa…


Re: The Use of Bandit Signs…my take. - Posted by Rick

Posted by Rick on March 15, 2000 at 09:58:12:

This is where I was coming from on my original post. I am the first to agree, don’t go in with the attitude “I’m going to plaster my sign all over the place, screw what the town looks like.” I put a tasteful looking sign near mobile home parks on phone poles, and I truly don’t think they cause any harm. Also, is it 100% true that every community/county in the US has a law against such signs?

I think it’s good karma to put the signs up…they can rescue people from a deparate situation.

Re: The Use of Bandit Signs…my take. - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on March 15, 2000 at 09:43:50:


Think how Joe does business. He sends out letters. He hopes people don’t answer the phone. Reminds me of John Childers lazy man approach. Joe’s approach works for Joe. He probably gets all the leads he wants or can handle.

Re: The Use of Bandit Signs…my take. - Posted by Ben in Ohio

Posted by Ben in Ohio on March 15, 2000 at 07:26:12:

Bandit signs? Haven’t tried them yet. I was thinking of placing them on property I already own. WHy not, Realtor signs, political signs and so forth are readily visible. I suppose you could get away with it for awhile, but eventually ordinances will be enforced.