Va real estate problem - Posted by J. L.

Posted by Max-Va on June 11, 2006 at 22:26:01:

You are in deep my friend.
You can not sell the property unless she agrees to sign contracts and the deed at settlement.

  1. Offer to buy her out and have her quit-claim her interest to you.
  2. Get an attorney and file a partition suit against her. The judge will order the property sold and proceeds split. This is time consuming and very expensive to do.
    Remember: NEVER buy a property with someone other than a spouse, ask me how I know

Va real estate problem - Posted by J. L.

Posted by J. L. on June 11, 2006 at 18:13:09:

11 months ago my girlfriend and I(NOT MARRIED) purchased a house together, she put down the downpayment, I pay the mortgage, both names are on the title, the relationship has ended. She wants me to continue to pay the mortgage while she continues to live there, What can I do? Will I lose all that I’ve put into the house? Do I have to wait any period of time before the house can be sold? Any Help steering me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Va real estate problem - Posted by BTI

Posted by BTI on June 12, 2006 at 08:59:06:


You say you pay the mortgage, is it in your name only?
You say she put up the down payment, how much do you really have into the house?

It seems a straight forward I don’t intend to make payments on a house I can’t live in speech is the way to go, tell her if she can afford to support the property on her own, you will sign over your half to her (consider it the cost of selling), but if not, then it would be best to sell the home and each of you can get on with your life.

One other option, put it into a trust, rent it out, and when the time comes that she can support it on her own, she can buy out your share of the trust.

Just don’t make the mistake of turning this into a war, you once cared for her and things didn’t work out, now it’s time for both of you to make a clean break and this house is a potential problem, she probably feels entitled to the home because she put down the down payment, but you give us no facts, not the value of the house, not the amount of down payment, not the general location, not the market conditions, and no clue as to the status of your relationship at the present time and did you dump her.

Many of us out here have been there, done that, and are glad to share info but we need to know the question before we can give the answer.