Val-Pak Advertising for Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Jay

Posted by Bobby on July 29, 2002 at 19:45:34:

Hi Jay…

Have advertised in Val-Pak for 7 years…but not for real estate.

My experience has been that the more frequently/often that you do it…the better off you are, so I would suggest over 2-3 or even 4 mailings (That would be 25,000 per time)

I personally would not want to spend this amount of money on a "test’ of this size…I would pick the area that I would like to own homes in (Target Area)
and mail 10,000 (1 zipcode) then repeat.

My experience with Val-Pak has been that the second mailing doubles the response that you did from the first.

By that time you can run your numbers (number of calls divided by how much it cost) = cost per lead.

Another issue that you need to address is this:

Val-Pak is targeted towards the female market more so than male.

Females do not think like males (there’s not enough space here to begin to explain the thought process
difference in women & men…

Just make sure that your message is geared to this market.

Good Luck!


Val-Pak Advertising for Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jay on July 29, 2002 at 07:58:51:

Hello all,

I have read the other posts regarding the success of Val-Pak ads and plan to try it but I have couple questions…

I can target very specific areas of town I am interested in farming for Motivated Sellers and can do so each month with these “I BUY HOMES” full color ads. I can also get a great deal from Val-Pak if I hit 100,000 homes over a two month period. Without purchasing at this very high level, Val-Pak rates are not very good.

What I need to know from seasoned Val-Pak REI advertisers is:

  1. Is 100,000 homes over say two months too many, too few, or just right?

  2. What type of response rate should I expect? 5 calls, 500 calls ???

  3. Should I have Val-Pak mail the same ad (assuming it pulls well) to the same homes each month over and over or changes areas of town every month or two?

  4. If you have had success with this method of advertising, can I ask what your ads said? What color they were? Were they glossy 2 sided?

Thanks for the input.