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Posted by Killer Joe on March 17, 2006 at 02:50:12:


When I read Rays’ post I looked at the information just as you must have. Here’s the first thing that I noticed…there is a lot of disparity between what the census folks have counted and what I see with my own two eyes. At least in the areas I am familiar with. My eyes see a lot more people than the census accounts for. I haven’t done the math in total yet, but an overall growth in population of 1100 people in a county of 516 square miles doesn’t jive with the growth I’ve seen. That’s a 3 person per day increase over the current population in an area that is just starting to catch fire. The nearby counties are nothing less than exploding. I see this as good thing. In fact Loudoun Co Virginia is second on the top 100 fastest growing counties in the country with a 50.7% growth rate. This is one county removed from Shenandoah Co where I am investing going east towards Wash DC. The growth is headed west.

The decision to take my equity out of SoCal in 2004 and replace it with properties in the path of long term growth is supported by the census statistics as well as my experience. The appearence that the census numbers do not seem to jive with the growth that is happening in my area only reenforces my position as an investor. The reality, imho, is it is growing faster than the census can keep up with.

I know it could be argued that I am reading more into all of this than is warranted, but that is what separates those who risk or have vision vs those who react too late. I hope this helps you. Ray has sure given me more guidance than he will ever know.


Want to Know Where the Hots Markets Are? - Posted by ray@lcorn

Posted by ray@lcorn on March 16, 2006 at 14:17:17:

There have been a number of posts and emails recently asking how I find growing markets. I’m a serious student of demographics, and the source for the bulk of population statistics is the census. They have a world of information, but it can be daunting to plow through it all. Fortunately, once a year they help us drill straight to the gold…

Today the U.S. Census Bureau released its annual update of population data that details the growth patterns of the last five years.

Go to http://www.census.gov/popest/estimates.php

Look under “Popular Tables”. There are several data sets there that bear reading. The one that will get media attention is the list of 100 fastest growing counties in the country.

But there is much, much more info available, and one of the best is the “Cumulative Population Change” report. You can choose any state and download an Excel spreadsheet that can be sorted any way you like (highlight the sheet, then click Data-Sort-then select the column to sort by). The Annual Population Change Report is also a favorite.

This data will be sliced and diced by economists, pundits and researchers over the next few months, not to mention site locaters, retailers and real estate developers and investors from small to large. But most will be lazy and wait for others to parse the numbers for them. Here’s your chance to get ahead of the crowd.

Happy Hunting!


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Posted by Bill Taylor on March 16, 2006 at 20:35:03:

So Ray how can we best use this information? It would seem to me by the time you find your hot market that by being on this list property values have already balooned up and now you are paying inflated prices.
What is the best information to use on thsi list?
It seems like I have so much to learn and so little knowlege on what even needs to be learned.

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Posted by Robert Silva on March 17, 2006 at 21:23:19:

Hi Joe:

The Hot Market is in Georgia? There are plenty of deals on Land, Golf Courses.Houses,Timber and Hunting
Joe there is plenty of room for investors?
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