We Buy Houses is Poor Marketing


We buy Houses
We buy Ugly Houses
Free Cash Offer
Sell Your House For Cash
Sell Your Cash 'As Is"

Guarantee 90% of wholesalers “marketing” is some variations of the above and it’s LAZY, UNINSPIRING marketing. It violates good marketing practices and often yields to poor targeting and lackluster deals.

Where is the emotional connection with distressed homeowners or tired landlords?
Where is the unique selling position?
Where are the benefits of choosing a cash buyer over a Realtor?
Are you solving a problem or trying to take advantage of a desperate homeowner?

There can be a negative association attached to real estate investors and this kind of marketing plays right into it. Your marketing message is your first introduction to homeowners.

How do you expect to separate yourself from the pack with generic websites and bland marketing messages?

I can tell you 9/10 you won’t or you will work twice as hard to achieve your goals. Wholesalers I’ve worked with who does 6 or more deals per month don’t do marketing this way.


Thanks Dan. I agree. I’m looking into creative and better marketing strategies as we speak. This post was great.


Yes, I agree.
This is the kind of marketing that worked 20+ years ago when it was a novelty.
The fact that probably 90% of those putting out this message can’t close - or don’t know what do with a deal if they get one - compounds the problem.

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So what do you propose that works?


We offer Property loans to interested persons. Contact us. hammock.vani@gmail.com


The inherent problem here is that this type of curt, simple message is all that can fit into a placard or 18X24 inch sign that’s typically posted as a bandit sign on telephone poles.
Which is the cheapest guerrilla street marketing there is.

I think most of these folks have more elaborate marketing in flyers, or emails where they have much more room to position a more positive, compelling message.

But I do agree with you 100%, it is not a message that will endear us to anyone.


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