Website Success... - Posted by tim

Posted by Jim IL on January 25, 2000 at 12:04:16:

Take a look below at the post title “”.
The investor that has that site seems to be doing well.
I personally have a website for my business, but it is more for referral and informations purposes.
I include the address on all business cards, flyers, mailers and anything else I print.
This way, people can look me up and see more of what I am about.
To date, I have gotten two deals from my website, and one deal that was “helped” by the seller reading my site AFTER we met.
That seller wanted “References” and I gave a letter to her, which included past sellers names and contact info as well as my web address in the letterhead.
The seller never called my references, but did goto my website.
When we met to sign, she said to me that she had "gone to the company website, and saw that we are legit."
Not sure what that meant, but it got her to sign, so what the hay.
And, since my website is FREE I figure it pays for itself a few times over even with that small amount of business.

Try a free website first.
It takes little time to create and publish one, so go for it.
Have a nice day,
Jim IL

Website Success… - Posted by tim

Posted by tim on January 23, 2000 at 18:28:36:

For anyone who has used a website for their investing, how has it worked out. Do you think it produced or not. Would like to know how they are working out.