Welcome Overwhelm - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Julia Anne on March 09, 1999 at 11:34:19:

Sandy, you said it just right. I, too, have finally realised why I was so dissatisfied with my own business although it is very profitable. Something was missing–the ambition had become stale. Now I feel a sense of direction and it is thanks to CRE and all the great people willing to share. Kiyosaki was so wonderful to finally meet and on such an easy and personal level. So was everyone. Thanks again, ya’ll.

Welcome Overwhelm - Posted by Sandy FL

Posted by Sandy FL on March 09, 1999 at 05:31:18:

I have been holding off posting until I “recovered”… whatever that
means…for I returned to Miami appropriately exhausted, inspired
and humbled.

Terry V asked me before I left, what I learned this year, and I wasn’t
quite ready to put it into words. But here it is, in the best way I can
verbalize for now. (I am sure some of my best learning has not even
been consciously realized yet.)

I figured since I was at the 1998 convention, the 1999 convention would be
more about networking for me, than “classroom time”… and it was. I recognized that “overwhelmed-my-brain-is-about-to-explode” look I saw on many faces Saturday night after the round table sessions, because I had that last year. I remember feeling in 1998 like I had so much knowledge thrown at me it was leaking out of my ears, at the same time 1000 watt lightbulbs were going on. And something Rayrick posted I noticed too… the really successful people were just like you and me - normal people! (P.S. You can keep that feeling going in your hometown by going to your local RE Club meetings)

This year was a different experience for me, but still a learning experience
that bowled me over. This year instead of being bowled over with techniques and real estate courses and facts, it was my attitudes and beliefs that were challenged. Robert Kiyosaki bowled me over. Especially when he talked about 60% of my income going to taxes, I think I felt physically ill. I later commented to Terry that he was the hands-down BEST speaker they could have put first. It was like boot camp or something - tearing you down first so you could then be rebuilt. I cannot wait to get a regular game of CashFlow going in my area so that I can continue the attitudinal
shifts that Kiyosaki spoke of.

Another participant put into words what I had been thinking: “These people are my family. These people are the reason I keep coming back.” People who ask the question “So are you some kind of seminar junkie or what?” I say NO, not at all. What I am doing, is forming relationships with whom I want to be associated.

I am not going to attempt to mention here all the people that I enjoyed meeting, there were SO many. And some I missed, apparently, (LA?? You were there??) But I do want to extend special thanks to JP and Terry Vaughan, Ed Garcia and Jackie Lange, for always going the extra mile with me. It is IMMENSELY appreciated.

So if you, fellow convention participant, are noticing now that you are back into your own market, your ‘previous lifestyle’ of going to a J-O-B, dealing with negative people all day, people who say “You can’t do that”, and are
unhappy with it, pay attention. You life is trying to tell you something. I am welcoming of this discomfort and overwhelm, this time.

Thanks EVERYONE, for warping my brain, and I mean that! LOL

Sandy FL

Re: Welcome Overwhelm - Posted by CarolFL

Posted by CarolFL on March 09, 1999 at 13:07:14:

Let me add just one thing to Sandy’s comments…
it was humbling, and at the same time uplifting… NO ONE was ‘humbled’ BY anyone else. There was not the ‘one upsmanship’ that sometimes is found in groups of ambitious people. It REALLY didn’t matter whether you were knocking them dead or still afraid to make the first step.
Remember next year, Newbies, that this is a group where EVERYONE is SOMEBODY’S Newbie! So have no fear and jump right in.
Thanks again to all.
Carol FL