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Hey everyone.It’s me John…I’m 27 years old.Working as marketing agent… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so excited to be a part of this forum and networking!

It’s really a great platform !

I am a Professional Engineer & Home Inspector.

We believe that real estate is a higher calling than other “jobs”, and it is an opportunity to save lives by mentoring and serving our clients. We are here to change how real estate is done.
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Hi, my name is Steve Groom with Maryland Home Buyers in Baltimore, MD.

Please contact me with any deals on single family homes in the Baltimore area.

Maryland Home Buyers
(410) 657-2523

Same here. I was wondering the same thing.

Thank you. I have invested in the most famous, modern and beautiful city of UAE; Dubai in the Luxurious Apartments in Dubai. You will also love them

Thank you so much for creating a platform to discuss about real estate opportunities, news & build network. Glad to be a part of CREOnline Forum.
Let me introduce about myself. I’m Mounika, from Hyderabad. Working in Real Estate sector since 2018. I have sold 150+ Plots in Shadnagar.

Thanks for your information
regards : Bu Abdullah

Add Al Khor Tower, Bldg B5 - Suite No. G1, Ajman, UAE
phone no. 503555581

Thank you for providing such an amazing platform for online auctions company. It is a great help.

Thank you very much for your great information. This is helpful for everyone.

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