What will be an effective? - Posted by CL2

Posted by ray@lcorn on September 27, 2003 at 10:21:02:


Have you considered an auction? That usually makes things happen at an accelerated pace. Be careful to select an auction firm experienced in selling development land. An auction firm is no better than it’s marketing expertise and it’s proprietary mailing list. Ask to see examples of both.

You might also make up a flyer highlighting the property and circulate it through the local homebuilder’s association (assuming this is residential land). If you can’t get a list, then mail it to every builder/developer listed in your local yellow pages. While you’re at it, mail it to local realtors who specialize in that particular area too.

Are you running a classified ad? Often a two or three line ad, short and to the point and run every day of the week for a month or so will draw response.

The Chamber of Commerce often has a monthly mailing that goes to the local business community, and many have email newsletters that also have a wide audience. You can often piggyback on either their physical mail piece with a flyer or a link to a website in their email letter.

And speaking of the web… you do have a simple listing site up don’t you? If not, list it on Loopnet.com and then send the link to everyone you can think of, including all the organizations listed above. If you do have a site, then list the property on Loopnet.com anyway. It is the nation’s largest marketplace for commercial real estate… and yes, it works where you live.


What will be an effective? - Posted by CL2

Posted by CL2 on September 25, 2003 at 13:42:10:

What is an effective way to get real estate investers/Builders/Developers interested in purchasing property besides listing it on MLS and putting up the signs on the property?