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from our doctors, so that they can keep supplying the stiches? :wink:


Wheels of Fortune - Posted by Cletus

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Sometimes when I buy RE I feel like a blind man playing ?Wheel of Fortune??for money. I know you just have to guess which letter to pick, and let?s face it, there are less than 30 or so to choose from, so how hard can it be. But when you can?t see the puzzle, or how many letters needed to solve the puzzle, it gets a little harder. Try it sometime. Challenge your spouse to a blind folded game of WoF?for money. See who peeks first.

Anyway, I found a rundown house I wanted to buy and rehab, so I asked the owner how much he wanted for his house. He asked me how much I was willing to pay. So I asked him what?s the least he would take. He asked me what?s the most I would pay. So I asked him if I gave him what he wanted, would he sell it to me. He asked me how much was that. So I asked him how much did he want. He asked me how much did I think he would sell it to me for. So I said one dollar.

Anyway, I guess that was the wrong answer. I didn?t get it for a dollar. That guru book I bought said buying and selling Real Estate is like winning the lottery. Wrong, a Lotto ticket costs me one dollar. What was that author thinking, like I?m an idiot or something? Next time I?m doing more than just reading the cover when I get one of those things. They might be hiding something inside, it?s my job to discover what it is.

Anyway, I compose myself and knock on the door again. This time the guy?s not as friendly as he was five minutes ago. I was going to disguise my voice so he wouldn?t recognize me, but I was wearing the same shirt, and let?s face it, how many Dixie Chicks fans do you run into in one day. So I told him I was just kidding about the dollar, and besides he could have bought a Lotto ticket with it and become rich. He said that how he got into this jamb in the first place. About now I?m thinking we have reached some common ground.

Anyway, so I asked him how many Lotto tickets it would take to buy his house. He asked me how many I would give him. So I ask him what?s the least he would take. He asked me what?s the most I would give him. I?m having a déjà vu right about now, but you can?t fool me twice. So I ask him how many Lotto tickets he thought it would take to win what he wanted for his house. He said he thought I would probably have to buy 10,000 tickets to win enough money to buy his house.

Anyway, I was going to buy some Lotto tickets a little later that day, so I told him I?ll be back. As I?m waiting for the bus I?m thinking I didn?t need to read that book after all. Turns out that guru was right, I?m just glad I bought the right book, I almost bought this book about turning ?Paper into Gold?. I can?t even imagine what kind of machine it would take to do that. Must be the size of a refrigerator. So now I just have to buy 10,000 lottery tickets and the house is mine. ( I just hope he wasn?t talking about scratch-offs, that?s a lot of work, so next time I?m gonna be more specific).

Anyway, the jackpot?s $42 million this week, and I don?t want to pay that much for THAT house. I wonder what the book says about this situation? Unfortunately, now I?m beginning to think I might have agreed to pay way too much for this guys? place. Then it dawns on me, my deal as I understand it, is to buy 10,000 Lotto tickets. After I get the tickets at the ?Stop-N-Rob?, I?m gonna get this deal in writing BEFORE the drawing. That is unless the book says otherwise. I wish they would put that stuff on the cover.

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How to buy a lotto real estate? - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on July 13, 2005 at 16:16:09:

Sounds like you have the makings of a great new course right here.

Actually, there was a note broker in LA a few years ago that would throw in a hundred lotto tickets with the price of every note he bought.

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