Where/When will Lonnie present next? - Posted by wwjmaj

Posted by Steve-WA on September 14, 2003 at 23:02:08:

From one of my local REI clubs website:

October 30th- November 2nd 2003 Thursday-Sunday Conference & Expo


Unleash Your Inner Millionaire

Hyatt Regency Columbus, Ohio

There’s a millionaire inside of you. It’s the voice that whispers, “You can do it. You can have all the freedom, all the riches, and all the independence you’ve ever dreamed of. You can. You really can.”

It’s time to let your inner millionaire run free! To feed it with knowledge, motivation, and education! To let it run free, and be seen, and do all the things that you know it can do!

Get to OREIA’s spectacular 2003 conference. You’ll learn how to unleash your inner millionaire, and see how it can change the world!

At OREIA’s 2003 National Real Estate Conference for Investors
and Landlords, your inner millionaire will get all the guidance, encouragement, and real-life education it needs. With over 20 real estate experts from all over the United States in more than 40 awesome presentations, you’ll find hundreds of ways to unleash your inner millionaire!

Your millionaire guides include:

Louis Brown
Randy France
John Hyre
Al Lowry

Dwan Bent-Twyford
Charlie France
Jon Goldman
Dave Lindahl
Lee Phillips, Esq
John Schaub
Nick Sidoti

Dick Desich
Bill Goacher
Vena Jones-Cox
Wendy Patton
Scott Rister
Robert Shemin
John Ulmer

Sharon Restrepo
Lonnie Scruggs

Wright Thurston

Showing your inner millionaire how to:

Negotiate short sales Invest in your IRA Rennovate right
Protect your assets Buy probate Find great deals
Buy single families Buy apartments Buy commercial
Organize your business Save taxes Buy mobile homes
Get private lenders Win at negotiation and so much more!

call 1-800-999-8760 or register at http://www.oreia.com//

Where/When will Lonnie present next? - Posted by wwjmaj

Posted by wwjmaj on September 14, 2003 at 21:44:44:

Does anyone know where/when Lonnie will present next? My partner and I were in Atlanta last Spring and turned our sons into deal locating machines using Lonnie’s advise and system…now we want to send the boys (and one daughter) to a live presentation for themselves.

Lonnie’s system has turned all of our kids from the “job” seekers/workers to the Organized planners searching for the next deal where the numbers are “good 'nuff”. THAT alone was worth our trip last Spring!

(Yes they have read both books and we have “mentored” them to the point that they certainly know more about mobiles than we ever did…but we think the cost of any time with Lonnie will put them light years ahead on life and achieving the financial independence necessary to support our grandchildren…)

Oct 9 at BWI - Posted by Dan(MD)

Posted by Dan(MD) on September 15, 2003 at 10:50:17:

Lonnie and George Allen are presenting on Thursday Oct 9, as part of the The National Real Estate Investor’s Conference

Here’s a link http://www.realinvestors.com/


Re: Where/When will Lonnie present next? - Posted by Dave-WA

Posted by Dave-WA on September 15, 2003 at 01:45:17:

This may not be the next one but there is a possibility that there will be a 3 Day MH Workshop in January.

Here is Lonnie’s post about it.