Whitney Pennsylvania Consent Agreement - Posted by Jack

Posted by Marty on March 06, 2001 at 22:07:16:

YOU GO RUSS! We are among your satisfied customers; Have invested thousands of dollars, attended three of our four boot camps and have yet our mentor last. Have learned so much. Have been on a constant mindfeed since the day of my first seminar. Have purchased some property, and are currently doing new construction with you in Fl. We have been highly satisfied as I invested with you to invest in myself. Other people go to college for years and your training is just that–college for r.e. investors in a very short time. It’s all like you say mindfeed is powerful; knowledge is wisdom; wisdom comes from God; we use it or lose it.
Hope you’ve enjoy your ship photo. Keep up the good work.

Whitney Pennsylvania Consent Agreement - Posted by Jack

Posted by Jack on March 06, 2001 at 17:38:23:

Russ. Thanks for the information and the business lesson. Yes the govt got on Biil Gates case too, didn’t they. You give them more credit than we would, in “just keeping honest people honest” and pursuing obscure regulations that a company might not be aware of. They seem sometimes to be more anti-business than that. It sounds like you came out ok on it anyway? The notice we saw wasn’t too complimentary, but your explanation covered it. The release was: PR Newswire, July 9, 1999. Pennsylvania Attorney General:Florida-Based Real Estate Investment Company Halts Misleading “Get Rich in a Year” Seminars. HARRISBURG, Pa., July 9/PRNewswire - Attorney General Mike Fisher today announced that his Bureau of Consumer Protection has reached an agreement with a Florida-based real estate investment company accused of misleading consumers who responded to ads offering free “How to Get Rich In a Year” seminars. Fisher said an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” agreement was reached with Win Systems Inc., 4818 Coronado Parkway, Cape Coral, Florida, to resolve alleged violations of Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. “My investigators posed as consumers and attended the free seminars,” Fisher said. “We allege that the company not only failed to deliver what it had promised, but used the ads as a way to promote its other products and services.” According to investigators, Win Systems in early 1997 advertised free workshops that claimed to show citizens of the Commonwealth “How to Get Rich in a Year” through a real estate investment plan called the “Bird Dog Program.” The ads described the program as a way for consumers to make a significant profit without having to invest their own money in various properties. The Commonwealth alleged that the seminars failed to explain or give detailed information regarding the “Bird Dog Program.” It was also alleged that, in order to obtain information on the “How to Get Rich Program.” consumers had to agree to become “facilitators” and attend a wealth building seminar at a cost of $1,590. Under the terms of the agreement Win Systems admits no wrongdoing and agrees to: -fully disclose the content of its “free” seminars to consumers. -conduct the seminars in a manner consistent with advertisements. -resolve any future consumer complaints filed with the Bureau of Consumer Protection within 60 days. - comply with the Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law. -pay the Commonwealth $4,000.00 for the costs of investigation. The agreement was filed in Commonwealth Court by Deputy Attorney General Jim Sysko of Fisher’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Office in Scranton.

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Posted by rw on March 06, 2001 at 18:20:45:


Bravo, The AG must make the news splash to justify the payroll and the existence of government beauracracy. Not that I am any kind of anti-government. I love this country and it has blessed me immensley.

Unfortunatley, honest folks with good intentions get to pay the price for that.

Note that in your post with the reiteration,it says the office alleges, alleges,alleges, alleges, it is our opinion,etc. All BS.

Anyone can alledge anything in a US court. Jack, I accuse you of and alledge that you are a child molestor. You are a fraud, you are a liar, you cheat this board, you cheat on your wife, you are a transvestite ( not that I don’t like transvestites, mind you) …

But just those allegations with your name on them,Doesn’t that make your skin crawl?,just a little,even though you know it is me, and I’m just satirizing to make a point…

Now imagine if it were for real and your were served with this fraud. You gotta have thick skin to do what we do… We are breaking an American beauracratic tradition by daring to show people that they do not have to work for slave wages and not enjoy life.

That raises the ire of people like that…

Now the real point … Look at the REAL VC and note what was actually the issue and what THEY did admit we did and id not do…

A whole different story, eh? Allegations are like opinions are like butt holes. Every one has one… The truth is the truth and always comes out in the wash. Look at the final paperwork, it is public record. The Russ Whitney companies are and always will be,God fearing, not beauracracy fearing, honest, ethical, will have the utmost morals and will always strive to conduct itself with the highest of integrity.

On that,my friend, you have my word.

Best to you and your family

Russ Whitney