Wholesale question - Posted by Dan

Posted by Joe Kaiser on August 12, 2007 at 24:58:07:

Dan, far better to let the seller know your intentions and that a profit is
not only expected, it’s required. Once they agree to the premise, you’re

And if not, why bother with them?

The best weasel clause is you won’t be closing if you can’t flip it and
make a quick and significant profit.

That’s the only way we do business today. So, “subject to finding
buyer” is EXACTLY what’s needed.

We call it a blue pen flip.


Wholesale question - Posted by Dan

Posted by Dan on August 11, 2007 at 18:43:45:

Whats a good provision or “weasel clause” to put in a contract that i want to later wholesale to another investor or retail buyer (to give myself a great way out in case i dont find a buyer), but that wont be too explict as to let the seller know im just going to reassign the contract to another buyer/invstor etc.

I.e “subject to finding buyer”, obviously this is no good, but just to illustrate my question… anyone?