Worst deal ever? - Posted by Briton

Posted by chris ny on August 01, 2003 at 17:22:12:

this was the first mobile i ever bought and i can only look at it as a learnig experiance. i bought the singlewide 2/1 last december. i paid $500. good start right? well i didn’t research the area enough. it has been very hard to get calls on it. regular ads get no calls. “no banks” ads get deadbeats w/ no credit or jobs. i have thought i had the thing sold 4 times but something always seems to fall through at the last minute.
a few things i learned:
1: i paid way too much for nice carpet
2: have the furnace checked b4 buying(mine went in january and i almost burst the pipes)
3: i bought too far away from my house(45 mins)
4: lot rent is $399.75, even if i finance it for a hundered bucks a month you can still rent for cheaper in the area. people in this area don’t seem to care about owning, they just want the lower payment.
5: classic mistake of trying to make it too nice and fixing every little thing
6: bought in a park where i received only marginal cooperation from the manager
7: i stopped advertising everytime someone said they “had the down payment and deffinatly wanted to buy it”

a lot of these sound like silly mistakes but i am pretty dumb i guess. i am now trying to dump it to whomever possible and think i acually have somebody lined up. this experiance was not totally negative. i learned way more from this deal than the flip mentioned above. but i paid for it.


Worst deal ever? - Posted by Briton

Posted by Briton on August 01, 2003 at 11:39:28:

What is your worst deal ever? How did it happen?