my start here in 1999

I got my start here in 1999 after buying a Carleton Sheets course and searching for real estate related topics on the net.

A lot has changed since those days but I still love real estate.

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Man, I bought your course. Did several Sub2s.

Hey…that is great! Thanks for letting me know.

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Hey William,

I got my start the same way, with Carlteton Sheets "No Down Payment course.

Can I join your Facebook group?


Of course, Steve! will take you there!

I am wanting to invest in real estate. I also got the Carlton Sheets course in the 90’s. Unfortunately never did anything about it. Now I am turning 60. And I don’t even know where to start. Also concerned that I am too old to stay investing. What are your thoughts? Where can I go for a newbie to get help

Thank you


Glad to hear a lot has changed but realtors still love real estate. Keep sharing more real estate thoughts because it motivates us and expands more ideas.