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Posted by Mark(Or) on September 19, 2004 at 22:37:59:

Don, Do you sleep well at night knowing you are giving advice to people (theives) like this? People like you and Allen deserve each other.

writ of attachment - Posted by allen

Posted by allen on September 18, 2004 at 19:38:02:

I have a 8 of credit card charge offs and a 2 auto and a 1 mobile home repo. My credit is aweful but I did not file chapter 7. Instead I am going to wait 7 years unit the chargeoffs drop off. Since I quit paying my debt and saved every paycheck I now have a large sum of money. I bought a 1982 s/w all with cash I use as my residence and I would like to buy a few more older s/w’ds. I heard of a Writ of Attechment and could that be an road block to my plans?

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Posted by DonH-OK on September 19, 2004 at 22:10:42:

Dont know of the writ. But I dont beleive that those unsettled derogs on your credit will drop in 7 years. They can continue to report “current” derogs. Better double check that little plan. Sounds like you would do well to file. After that they will drop off. Make sure to get a secured ccard and work it perfectly along with a gas card or other small froms of credit. (Phone, cable, utilities (what u/writers for my mortgage company call “alternative” trade lines. I have programs that after 1 year allow you to get a mortgage. Even for 2xmobile. NO singles now days with out great credit. You wont beleive how quickly this gets credit straightnend out. If you do this and show good on the ccard (s) and car payments I have done loans 1 day out of Bankruptcy. Make sure the attorney gets a full blown mortgage credit report to list creditors from along with your those that you no of to list in the papers and notify. Good luck.

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Posted by Dave Fl. on September 19, 2004 at 14:16:21:

And I thought I had a bunch of low-lifes in my park. Compared to you, they look good.