You people are the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!1 - Posted by Arlene Hairfield

Posted by Daivd Alexander on January 29, 1999 at 12:13:28:

You don’t have to be a landlord, You can be a lienholder(i.e. the bank) and still get monthly checks.

David Alexander

You people are the greatest ever!!!1 - Posted by Arlene Hairfield

Posted by Arlene Hairfield on January 29, 1999 at 06:46:34:

Hello Everyone,I just wanted to take a few
minutes To express to each and eveyone of you
my appreciation for this new found site, it
has inspired me as well as restored my hope.
You see I once had a small interest in real
estate that I owned that produced a
positivecash flow of about 500 dollars every
month, but choose to get rid of it for many
reasons mainly because of promblems like
busted water heaters leaky roofs, I had to
replace the heating and air conditioning and
so forth.If I would have seen this site prior
to selling I would have never done this,well
thats water under the bridge now,huh?Real
estate has always been witin the best income
producing elements of my family.There been
landlords, investors, agents and so forth . I
even wanted to get my real-estate license last
year but never did.ANyway I do see others out
there doing so much wit investing flips and
l/o in which I really don’t understand the
mechanics behind all of these but would love
to learn ,I don’t know if I want to go back
into being a landlord . I really had great
tenants over the years that I lived in my home
12 years to be exact, while this is great as a
nice lttle bit of money each month , it wont
make you rich unless you multipy your
proprertys times 5 or 10. Then it would I get
enough migraines don’t need that HAHa.My ex
father in law always told me now Arlene if
your ever in a position to secure real estate
than do so, you’ll be set for life, I guess
thats why he’s got that 55.000.00 Dodge viper
sitting in his driveway in sunny Fla. and I’m
driving a used Buick. He also was smart along
his journey by investing back his RE earnings
from his rentals, Built a home about 8or 10
years ago with the help of his sons and
company for about 65.000.00 then sold it two
yeara ago for app. 365.000.00 now thats a nice
profit huh? Any way I have been