I don't understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by John Behle

Posted by Dirk Roach on April 03, 1999 at 16:55:22:

All of us who are losing their hair are just jealous.

I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on March 24, 1999 at 18:38:04:

Just received an email about me and this board.

I’ll keep it annoymous, but I wish people would just have the Cahongas to post questions, not circulate them to others on this forum to stir them up.

Here’s his email:

"I am curious how you have done in the paper business. I am not trying to give you a hard time, I am genuinely interested. I did not attend the conference but ever since the conference the ideas I have seen on the board have laughable to absurd.

People talking about buying a $100,000 house for $60,000
and the creating a note to sell it. If anyone buys a house at that discount then they don’t need to use a note to make money. Just sell the damm house!

I do believe in the paper business but It seems that the usual seminar fodder that is the exception not the rule has contaminated the board. All this talk of creating notes, I really want to see somebody do it and not talk about it.

I think john does a great job and it is experienced at paper, but after a point of buying tapes, books, seminar, boot camps shouldn’t you be bringing deals to him? Where does it end? More knowledge behind door #3? If you bring
deals with him and your both making money why doesn’t he share his knowledge with you for free to generate more money?

You seem like a smart person and I am just trying to have an adult conservation with you. Unlike you some of the people who have attended the recent seminar seemed to have gone off the deep end."

Makes a good case for attending the convention doesn’t he?

Sir, you should have been at the convention, then you would at least understand the example you are criticizing. Even if you had read the posts in this forum for a while you would understand the basic “Paper Trade” example.

I’ve done millions of dollars of these deals, so don’t tell me they are laughable, ludicrous or whatever. In essence it is simple. Buy a note at a discount and then use it to purchase a property. It’s a simple “substitution of collateral” technique. It does not involve buying a property at 60% of value and then selling a note to make money. You do not understand. Usually it is best to not criticize what you do not understand.

It seems you are confused by a post or two that relate to a “collateral rental” technique that is way beyond the level of discussion here. I mentioned it a few weeks ago and a few saw the potential. There have also been some questions related to just buying properties and creating notes. You are mixing three different discussions together. Two of which had nothing to do with the convention.

You also overlook the basic concepts of paper investment. This forum isn’t about being a bird dog for someone else. I don’t do that or teach that.

It’s a low profit job with little future.

I do buy notes from students. I make hard money loans. I buy properties. I just do it in my area and encourage others to do the same. I don’t try to get in the middle of everyone else’s deal. If a paper investor wants to broker a note, I teach them to go direct to the funding sources, not come to me as a middle man. I teach students to be successful and independent - not low paid employees for funding companies.

If you want a pink Cadillac from one of the funding companies - go for it - but it will not be something I will encourage. I’d prefer to teach you how to make more money on one deal than most note brokers make over a period of 3-5 years.

You just don’t get a whole lot closer to free than the information I give out here. Someone asks a one paragraph question I give a 3 page lesson and training. There is no admission or cover charge. Many will attend a free 5 day bootcamp in July also.

That’s FREE - not 5,6,7,8, or NINE THOUSAND dollars. By the way, it isn’t a 5 day sales pitch like some of the others are. To me, charging someone thousands and then giving them constant sales pitches is criminal. Charging thousands to teach them to be a low paid bird dog is highly un-ethical in my eyes. As is teaching people to be dependent.

Most of the time the “Bring the deals to me” pitch is solely a sales technique. Heck, I can tell you where it originated and when. The promotor rarely has any interest in the deals or future business. IT IS A SALES PITCH.

Someone can bring me deals whether they are a student or not. I work with my own and investor’s funds in a market I know and can control. Investing out of state carries different risks and rates of returns. Out of state notes don’t carry the same profits.

I teach students how to use both the national funding sources and local funding as well. Beyond that, I teach students to become investors - not bird dogs. That is a part that seems to elude you.

Hey - it would be easier to teach people to be bird dogs. I just happen to teach what I believe and practice - not what sounds good. I’ve had other “educators” tell me they don’t do what they teach. One said - I don’t do this single family home stuff - I invest in commercial properties.

Another told me he went from teaching a real estate course to teaching a paper course because there was a gap in the industry. Since neither I nor Carl Abe were traveling the “Circus Circuit” he saw a gap and created a paper course.

I just happen to teach what I believe and believe what I teach. I get a kick out of teaching and don’t do the “run down the isle with a 100 dollar bill” bit. My personality is such that I didn’t really enjoy doing the two hour talk at the convention - but I loved the one day seminar the day before. Give me 5 days and I’m ecstatic - and the students are successful.

Bottom line is you are commenting about something you do not know or understand.

If I can drive some people from the wading pool into the deep end (((( WHERE THE PROFITS ARE )))) - then I’ve done what I like to do.

I liken it to skiing. Most paper “brokers” never look past the bunny hill. Actually in today’s market, most do not leave the expensive chair lift.

Just like skiing - I like the “bumps” or the beauty of the untouched powder.

Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on March 29, 1999 at 01:18:59:

Whew! I nearly got exhausted reading your reply! Please remind me not to criticize you! :slight_smile: Just kidding! I understand the context in which you were writing.

Having met you in person and hearing you speak, I can say you have a low-key approach and a non-pushy attitude. You have what one might called a “quiet self-confidence”. In other words, you don’t have to scream to the world vocally to let people know what you are talking about.

It is really sad that people who are skeptical have to slam on others. If they are skeptical, just leave. Why even participate?

I, for one, am willing to be humble and quiet so I can be taught the best by the best.

This whole thing reminds me - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on March 28, 1999 at 11:56:08:

Of one instance at the seminar. When Kyosaki made the comment about peasant mentality.
I make my living reading people and being able to judge them and their intentions.
Bottom line folks, John makes money. However it’s obvious that he has the soul of a teacher and that’s were his real enjoyment in life comes from. Teaching people. Now everyone knows that good teachers are only good when they can teach the truth and what works (in their experience). If this isn’t the case then they faultier and that is that.
You know John, your a more patient man than me, teaching all of us.
As for emails and the board and what not…
Me if you want to do a deal, the only initial Email which I get had better be a request for my phone number. And then you had better follow it up with a phone call. I have no time to sit and play email tag with anyone.
As for Private emails, or private letters or whatever. Yes they are private to the receiver, once the sender sends a communication it’s not his/hers anymore. Come on people common sense. The receiver can do whatever he/she wants to do with them.
Heck John you GAVE the guy the courtesy not to post his name.
As for whomever (Rick I believe) you want to pick the man’s brain spend a dime (show YOUR seriousness) and give the man a call.
This is how business is done. Email is a good additional tool for sending forms, facts etc.
Anyhow this is how I see it,
Dirk Roach

My Two Cents… - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on March 26, 1999 at 20:51:49:

Without doubt, John Behle has contributed an enormous
amount to this site. His reputation is this industry is
stellar. ALL serious, real paper players hold John in
the absolute highest esteem. So it pains me a bit to
see John attacked by someone.

John, anyone who is serious about this business and who
has been around this site for more than a day can SEE
that you are utterly sincere and a true master. You
have taught so many people soooo many things, and it’s
all been freely given by you at no charge or cost to
the recipient.

There will always be someone with a "bug up their bun."
Don’t sweat the small stuff…

Thank you, John.


You know how… - Posted by Tim Kimball

Posted by Tim Kimball on March 26, 1999 at 08:20:05:

letters sometimes SOUND nasty to the reader? Even when you wrote it with no intention to come off that way. AND Everybody knows how easy it is for big arguments to get started on the internet.

(I mean this in the nicest way possible)

I don’t think there is anything wrong with cheking things out before you accept a strangers word. Let’s all just be cool. I will admit some of those remarks are a bit inflamitory, but he’s trying to smooth things out. I think that Ricks resonse to this thread was somewhat restrained considering some of the scathing criticisms he has received.

John, Lonnie, you guys are both very nice people from what I have seen. And, I will say that I have been looking around for more information on notes. (because I can’t seem to get tired of reading about the subject and I’ve read everything there is on this site. :slight_smile: )
During my searches I have only come across positive remarks about you both.

However, a healthy dose of skepticism is the mark of intelligence in my opinion. We all know those folks in Jonestown could have used a bit of it. :slight_smile: (that was a joke, please don’t freak out people.)


Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Rick

Posted by Rick on March 25, 1999 at 11:21:01:

After sending someone a private e-mail I find it curious to find it posted on the board. The e-mail I sent did not include a fake name or e-mail address. It was real e-mail address and my full name. I have posted questions on the board and I will ignore the child-like comments about the Cahongas. What was my intention? I sent someone who has several posts on the board an e-mail to get his opinion on a few topics. Why you are so afraid of this I don’t understand. The board seems to be an excellent source of information and is a great use of the internet. However the beauty of a system that lets people all across the country swap ideas is also its downside. Who are these people? Are they real experts or seminar junkies? The person I e-mailed who has several posts on the board tells me he is “green”. Which I will assume to mean has never done 1 deal himself, or what does it mean? I was interested in hearing what someone had to say about the seminar without posting it on the board. I believe that people seem to be more honest and open in private than at a meeting. I was interested in attending a seminar but only a fool would fly across the country without checking some things out. You may have the most honesty, integrety and knowledge in the paper industry, but how would I know that? You have to admit that the seminar industry is one of the most devious industries around. You may very well be one of the exceptions, I believe you probably are. I honestly never heard of you before this board. There are people who used to say what a great guy William McCorkle was. I ask you what is wrong with asking someone their opinion. What I was basically doing was checking references. If you are honest and I never said you were not(I did write"John does a great job and is experienced at paper"), I would think you would welcome someone asking about you. If you re-read my original e-mail you would find the majority of my statements followed by question marks and not exclamations. You assume to know my knowledge level on paper but let me fill you in. I have purchased around 25 notes. 1 I used to lower the price of the house I bought, 20 I flipped and 4 I kept. Which makes me a novice at best. I have maybe 1/10,000 of your knowledge, however most people who go to seminars never do 1 deal. I know what “substitution of collateral” is and that it is done. You may underestimate your abilities because is not that easy. I know you will say that you do it all the time but I challenge you to pick at random 10 names from your last seminar and post them and we can track how often the 10 buy a $100,000 house for $60,000 using substitution of collateral! Give me the county the transaction took place and I will call public records and verify. Maybe the bunny hill isn’t so exciting but a anyone with a brain will do a few basic deals before trying the more advanced techniques. We are talking about real money not monoply money here. I will assume your position is that you are honest and knowledgeable with a ton of experience and that someone like myself is ungrateful for the knowlege you share. I do appreciate the knowledge you share for free and what you make available for purchase. I will also say in re-reading my original that I wasn’t as clear on the topic of seminars as I should have been. I really meant to come at it from the customers perspective not John’s on the subject of spending for education. Do you get get the basic package and try some basic deals and then buy some advanced courses and try advanced techniques. I wanted to know how much someone should buy before making an attempt to start. I am afraid that is baggage that I carry after seeing too many people pay thousands of dollars and then never doing anything with it on other seminars. That someone does nothing with their knowledge is not the teachers fault but I worry that people think that the next seminar is the one that will have the map to the holy grail. I defer to your knowledge about the fee structure in the seminar industry and I will trust you that your fee’s are very low. I ask you, when is someone ready for their first deal? After purchasing books and tapes? After 1 day seminar? or After 5 day boot camp? I will close by saying that I am sorry you took my actions as a personal attack on you. That was never my intention, I was hoping to find a second opinion to support my belief that you are honest and knowledgeable. I love my wife and she loves me but last night when we were playing cards we both cut the deck! So getting a second opinion on someone I never meet is just the smart thing to do. We can just agree to disagree about “substitution of collateral” and how often a begginner will use this technique. I know it is done by you and others but just because it’s easy for McQuire to hit home runs doesn’t mean everyone can do it. I hope I have clarified my position and wish nothing but health and happiness for you and your family. Rick

Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Lonnie

Posted by Lonnie on March 25, 1999 at 07:52:03:

There?s nothing so pitiful as someone who?s so dumb, they think they?re smart. And this is a perfect example of what I mean. Anonymous says he/she does believe in paper, but obviously knows nothing about paper. Didn?t make it to the convention, so obviously isn?t willing to pay to learn about paper. And then has the gall to question one of the most experienced and reputable paper players in the country, and then thinks John should share his years of knowledge for free to generate more money. (Isn?t John already sharing a good bit of his knowledge for free answering many questions on this board? Should he send you a free set of his tapes, also?) There?s an old saying…“Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” (Could this anonymous genius possibly be the same person that said it was impossible to make the kind of yields I talk about in my books?)

Anonymous says “All this talk of creating notes, I really want to see somebody do it and not talk about it.” Well anonymous, let?s see just how serious you are. Here?s my offer. Let me know when you?d like to be in my neighborhood and I?ll prove it to you. I?ll spend the time to show you some of my deals (both mobile homes, houses & apartments). I?ll show you the MH I bought last week for $4,000, already have it sold for $8,900, $1,000 down, 30 payments of $306.11. I won?t say what my yield is because I?m sure you?re smart enough to figure that out. (Well, you are, aren?t you?)

I?ll show you a MH my daughter just placed in her park. She had $3841 in the MH, sold for $7,750, $750 down and a note payable $227.52 for 36 months. I think that?s a “laughable and absurd” 79%.

I?ll show you a single family house that I bought for $12,500, sold it 30 minutes later for $25,900 and carried a note for $302.44 month, 15 years. I?ll show you another house I bought for $23,500, lease optioned for 12 months and sold for $49,900, $1,000 down and a note for 30 years. I?ll show you MH notes I bought at 50% discount.

I could go on, but if, and when you show up at my door step, we?ll cover some more. So, just let me know when you will be here. And yes, you do have to pay your own way, that?s part of the price you pay for education. I?ve discovered when people get anything for free, they place no value on it ,and usually get no benefit from it. I can?t tell you how many books/tapes I?ve given away and I only know of two people that took the time to study them. The one?s that didn?t are probably still saying “All this talk of creating notes, I really want to see somebody do it and not talk about it.”

If, as you say, you?re “genuinely interested” then be willing to pay for your education, and start making the same effort and sacrifices as all of us did, and learn. Or, keep believing that it?s all “laughable and absurd”. My phone number is 757-436-2197. Call and let me know when you want to drop by.

Best wishes,


Well Anonymous… - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on March 25, 1999 at 24:12:01:

John, just showed a lot of CLASS and at the same time saved you from a lot of flaming email. We here on this site stick up for our own. Why? because John, Jp, Terry, Ed, Lonnie, Bronchiks, Piper, and all the rest post to help us out on thier own time. We’ve all become family. Instead of questioning others, make yourself known, ask questions for yourself, take action, dive in. I’m living proof that it can be done, I’m not doing deals with the numbers involved that the rest are(it’s only a matter of time before I start adding a few zero’s), but I’ll say this, It’s a good feeling to put a deal together and make in a few days, what previously took a year of labor. Learn paper, Learn RE, Learn Investing,learn to make your money work for you and not the opposite and you’ll be fine.

Their is a deal that I just did that had very little equity, and I made 31k, because I understand paper.

Now because of John, Osmosis and hanging out at this site, I actually plan on being able to pull another 10k, go figure. Oh the equity was 12k to be exact.

Good luck, get the education glands going, you’re in the right place, the Teachers are here, is the student in you READY?

David Alexander

When the student is ready . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - Posted by Terry Vaughan

Posted by Terry Vaughan on March 24, 1999 at 22:33:37:

Oh well, . . . . . . . .

The paper game can be lonely where the big profits are!

Thank goodness!

Geez John…Why does everyone… - Posted by Paris

Posted by Paris on March 24, 1999 at 20:37:05:

Geez John,

… love you so much. Its because we can’t figure you out. John is a regular guy who basically teaches free of charge, answers all questions ask with such clearity that the info makes me say “Duh…this is soooo simple,why didn’t I think of that myself”. He does this because he actually likes to help those that want to help themselves.

I guess the person that e-mailed you, “Dosen’t have a clue” as to the paper game. The research must be done just to get a general idea of the paper industry and its potential.

John makes the deals seem so simple its unbelievable. I would actually study a deal over and over because they made only business sense,not common sense to me anyway. I now change the way I think about doing business. I am trying to learn as mush as possible because every deal has some money making potential. I just can’t see the positive side of all the deals. With time and John on my side this will change quickly I hope.

I too was somewhat sceptical when I began studing paper. Perhaps the mystery e-mailer should do what I did. I did an archieve search of everything John had written and from the info posted and the sencerity that is in each and every John Behle post, I said to myself that John is one of a kind. I figured if I could learn just 1% of what John has to offer I will be very succesful in my Real Estate Investing Career.

I’m a Realtor in Louisiana and John has taken him time on the phone at no expense to me, and gave me an idea which enabled me to close a deal on a 300k home I had listed, that would have otherwise expired. John himself doesn’t know about this deal, but the idea netted my firm 15k and myself with 9k. Nice payday for a deaal that had gone sour,huh?

So to close I guess I would say that those who don’t believe in John and his teachings please leave. The information is on this site. There is so much info on the web reguarding paper, that one can cross-exam what John has to say, spend days researching the so called “guru” sites for ones own satification. You will only end up back at the Cash Flow forum waiting patiently for the daily class to begin.

Just my 2 cents

Paris n Baton Rouge

Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Reif

Posted by Reif on March 24, 1999 at 19:46:50:


As one who has watched your 5-day video I can attest to what you say.

You certainly do not need to defend yourself against those who obviously don’t know jack about what they are talking about.

If someone has a difference of opinion about the viability of a technique, that’s fair - but only if they’ve tried it.

This is the same B.S as on the other forum where some moron was telling Lonnie Scruggs that it was impossible to make 80% returns on his investments.

Lonnie should have told that guy he makes 80% only if he has a bad day.

Hang in there John. Those that know, know. Those that don’t, criticize.


P.S. Bumps and Powder. The ONLY reasons to get on the snow.

Re: You know how… - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on March 29, 1999 at 01:25:09:

There are some bad apples in the seminar business. There are ways of finding information out without the cloak & dagger approach.

My approach is to ask directly and read and listen carefully to the replies. Of course, gut instincts help a lot too.

My gut instincts are not always perfect but they seem to have led me to good things overall. I guess that is why I hang out here now! :slight_smile:

My Opinion About Your Opinion… - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on March 28, 1999 at 18:05:12:

I find your post and your email to be remarkable in their inability to make a judgment and their lack of perspective.

As it pertains to judgment, I would think a guy who has bought 25 notes might be able to discern after a period of time who has knowledge and experience, and who doesn’t. In Mr. Behle’s case you have numerous posts both on this newsgroup and newsgroup I, not to mention a number of articles as well, that you are able to evaluate, particularly from your personal vantage point of having bought 25 notes. If you are not able to make a judgment from this type of information, and STILL require someone else’s opinion (which is just that), then your judgment ability is sorely lacking.

Further, Mr. Behle’s Paper Trilogy is $100 if I’m not mistaken. It’s hard for me to figure out why a guy with experience would be fearful of a $100 expenditure. One idea, one twist, could earn that back in a heartbeat, even if the entire remainder of the course is worthless. This is what I mean by perspective. A video of a 5-day bootcamp for a few hundred dollars? Give me a break. In my experience there are few courses whose cost is so significant that even a minor idea wouldn’t return the cost many-fold. Perhaps you should put some of this into perspective.

The desire to have someone else’s opinion about Mr. Behle’s knowledge and experience really says more about you than it does about him. Basically it says you have no confidence in your own judgment. You aren’t willing to read the voluminous free information available to you in order to make such a judgment. And should you decide to purchase any of Mr. Behle’s materials, you’re not confident that you can turn one of his ideas into enough money to have made it all worth it.

But since you are wanting someone else’s viewpoint, I am quite confident that Mr. Behle is an expert in the paper business. I’ve been kicking around the real estate business for a considerable period, and I am confident that I can judge those that know what they’re talking about. Mr. Behle’s techniques are what make him unique. Rather than teaching how to flip a note, he’s teaching how to acquire wealth through using notes as a vehicle.

Rather than worrying about whether MOST people put information to work, why don’t you worry about whether YOU will put the information to work. Rather than questioning whether MOST people are seminar junkies, why not educate YOURSELF, and then take action. Will you be able to duplicate Mr. Behle’s deals? Nope, not right now. There’s a small thing called experience. That’s still ahead of you. Will you be able to do Mr. Behle’s substitution of collateral technique? Who knows?.who cares? You don’t have to do every single technique. A couple of good ideas done repeatedly can make you wealthy. Does it really make any difference whether anyone else can implement any particular technique? You are a unique individual, with unique talents. Maybe you’re just the guy to implement some of these ideas.

Why don’t you fork over a few hundred and find out what most of the participants on this site are excited about? Trust yourself for a brief moment?.you never know what might happen.


Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Charles Faust (Phila suburbs)

Posted by Charles Faust (Phila suburbs) on March 25, 1999 at 19:17:48:

I have to respond in your defense after reading these posts. My educational exposure to this business has been through Bill Mencarow orginator of the PAPER SOURCE newsletter, the annual Paper source convention tapes, Hank Harenberg, Henry Dvorkan, Jon Richards, Del Ashby and Lisa Moran to name a few. Although I am between a novice and intermediate broker I recognized the value of your experience and FREE advice when reading the posts on the CASH FLOW FORUM. I have created a note book of selected posts to help me improve my paper investing skills. Making money in paper takes work it’s not a get rich quick scheme as many infomercials and slick operators would leave you to believe. Persistance and a solid educational backround are necessary for success.

John - My opinion of Mr.Alexander is reflected in his following statement:
“I honestly never heard of you before this board”. Well John if he knew anything about paper investing HE WOULD HAVE HEARD OF YOU!!!.


Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on March 25, 1999 at 18:08:22:

Geez Rick,

What’s the problem here. Your e mail and post just seem to ramble on. Sounds like your angry.

You weren’t at the convention, you say you have never met John and I assume you have never seen any of John’s material.

Allow me to straighten you out on a couple of points. One I was at the convention and had the pleasure of meeting and listening to John’s presentation. Two I have John’s Paper Trilogy. It’s a set of three detail packed books. The cost. A paltry $99.

There is no better value concerning paper than in John’s material. Don’t take my word. Buy the Paper Trilogy.

John also spends his valuable time, and I might add for free, in the chatroom helping us all. We appreciate what John has done for us. Perhaps a little respect from you would be in order.

Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on March 25, 1999 at 14:56:27:


Glad you posted a response, That shows your here to learn. This site is great place for a much higher education than you’ll ever get. And the Bonus, FOR FREE. If you like you can buy courses and tapes, go to the seminars. Last year I couldn’t afford to go the the CRE convention and did it anyway, this Year I’ll be going to several seminars to not only learn, but to vacation with friends. Why, John and all the rest have made it possible for us to learn to work smart but, that there is a better way to work smart and profit hugely.

Good Luck,

David Alexander

Threatened? NO - Offended, a little - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on March 25, 1999 at 13:31:27:

It was emailed to me and the question was “how do I respond?” It was my decision to reply to it.

Since the entire post referred to me, this board, what is discussed here and comments about the practicality, reality and other aspects of the techniques, I responded.

I posted your comments and questions annonymously to not end up in some “flame war” and because I did feel an answer was needed, justified and pertinent - not because I was “threatened” like you imply. I do wish comments like you made in your email would be upfront and posted, not circulated around.

If you don’t understand something, don’t put it down or criticize me, the board, the techniques, the posts and all of those that “have gone off the deep end”.

There are both basic and advanced concepts discussed here. In my opinion one of the greatest flaws in this industry is the overly basic knowledge that comes from some of the seminars.

Frankly, there are parts of the industry I despise. Few things irk me more than the “McCorkle’s” of the world. Many just haven’t been quite as far over the line. It used to be an industry where that didn’t happen and true educators didn’t have to pay the price for the bad name created by the shysters. I’m sorry, it just annoys me.

I’ve run into thousands that have been sold “the dream” related to this industry. They end up dis-illusioned, skeptical, bitter and most importantly - unsuccessful. Sometimes it seems like my role in life is fulfilling the promises others have charged thousands for - for free - or a pittance. I do bristle when I am even put in the same paragraph with someone like a “McCorkle”.

I contribute to the industry because I like to and enjoy the results of students. When I hear where David and Paris have made money from what they have learned here - that moves and motivates me. It usually seems to come at the moment I am questioning if it is worth the price - Especially the price of trying to “re-educate” people to what really works, instead of the baloney they’ve been sold.

If you honestly read through your comments, you would have to see some very offensive implications. Sometimes that is just a style problem. As you say, they were questions and there is good reason to be doubtful of all the pitchmen out there.

I constantly pay the price of not using the tactics others do and building huge marketing organizations to try to sell baby food to billions.

Let’s look at a few of your exact words:

“the ideas I have seen on the board have laughable to absurd”

“the usual seminar fodder that is the exception not the rule has contaminated the board”

“why doesn’t he share his knowledge with you for free to generate more money?”

“some of the people who have attended the recent seminar seemed to have gone off the deep end”

Granted, some of the content, questions, comments and posts lately have been at some pretty deep levels and about some techniques that are obscure to the mainstream of this industry.

Some of that is a result of the convention. I should have approached my presentation with more of the basics of what paper is and how to enhance real estate with it. At times I prefer to show people what the upside potential of paper investment is. For some that is motivating and for some it is confusing or intimidating.

For years I’ve tried to water down what I teach to people, but I truly do believe that that is one of the major problems in the industry. I’ll let others churn out bird dogs. That just isn’t what I have to contribute.

Drawing a balance on this forum will probably always be a challenge. I’m not thrilled about repeating things over and over, so I’ll stress the “archives” as a resource. It has been extremely basic at times.

I look around at what else is available and one of the things I see is such incredible negativity. I don’t want to see that here and am sorry to have contributed to it in any way. My commitment is to a positive atmosphere and reality - not hype.

Re: I don’t understand this - but let me give you my opinion anyway - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on March 29, 1999 at 01:49:28:

Yes, it is true regarding “free information”. For some reason, people really don’t value it when it is given out for free. And when it has a cost associated with it, those same people gripe about it. It is certainly true in my current profession.

At the convention, it was disheartening to see some of the attendees looks for cookie-cutter recipes vs. good solid theory/concept to be applied creatively.

Example: Kiyosaki goes into all types of discussions about “peasant” attitudes and how we have to look at things differently. During a break, I hear a couple of people asking what THEY should do to make money. Hello? How the the heck is Kiyosaki supposed to know? Kiyosaki gave us direction and guidance but it is up to us to USE it and APPLY it.

Education in itself is not enough without the right attitude.

Paper can be frustrating - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on March 24, 1999 at 21:56:07:

I used to think the paper investors in my area just didn’t know enough about real estate. I almost walked out of the first class that ever talked about the time value of money.

Paper and paper techniques tend to hit you with an “AH HA!” at some point. I still have what we call an M.O. at times when it comes to paper. A multiple M.O. is real fun.