Sadly, I'm a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Michael Spinazzola

Posted by Lisa Wilmot on May 20, 2003 at 10:54:42:

I want my $550 back that I invested in you. Its not right that you take peoples money and then file bankrupy. If I don’t recieve any information I will be talking to a lawyer about the money you owe me.

Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Michael Spinazzola

Posted by Michael Spinazzola on February 28, 1999 at 08:46:47:

I’m currently a student of architecture at Iowa State University. Last year, I acquired a debt of $3,000 in credit card bills for books, drafting supplies, and wood for the models my classes demand of me. It’s tough being in a hole…I’m now buried in late charges and over the limit fees at the same time as I’m racking up a whopping $13,000/yr. out of state tuition fee. I need some kind of a grip before my poor credit marks me for life…So, I turn to infomercial Guru’s. I’ve bought Don Lapre’s package and I’ve been busting my ass washing cars at a dealership for a measley $6/hr to afford his advice. I wouldn’t suggest buying his program if you are a broke college kid. I need a new vehicle because the one I currently own has 150,000+ miles on it and it’s dying slowly as will my earning capacity if it does in fact go. So, I sent out $100 hard earned dollars to Consumer Information Services for listings of Auctions and foreclosed properties along with bidding tips. I received a listing of auctions in Georgia and upon calling to fix this problem, I found a recording telling me that this company has just recently been turned in to the collection agency. Well, needless to say I was upset but found myself interested in the investment power of foreclosed properties. I saw an ad under business opportunities in the USA TODAY and called to receive info on a company that claims you can invest in real estate using their money and share in the profit. Oh, now I was excited…This company is called “Nation-Wide Real Estate Discounters Corporation”. I had to pay $500 (a lot dipped into my rent) so I could get the course which I was reassured was simply a deposit and would be returned upon my first housing transaction. I just got it in the mail a week ago and I’ve been studying the hell out of it. The legalities of real estate weight an enormous burden on an investor and frankly, I’m scared to take a step forward. All along I’ve seen C. Sheets infomercial and have wanted it with a passion, but my funds have been completely exhausted and food has become a scarcity. I see all these comments from people here in this message board and am seriously wondering if I’ve been wasting my time with these other scams. He seems sincere in his paid advertisement but I can’t tell exactly if that’s the case. These Guru’s entice you to buy their product or service and in targeting modest income audiences they are aware of how incurring more debt from whatever they sell you can devastate you beyond the point of ever rebounding. That’s the sick part…they will destroy you forever only to make what’s to them an expendable return. $180 to Carlton Sheets’ multimillion…In context to that, it’s less than the lint in his pockets. But still, I want millions too- so I ask a Carlton Sheets program owner…Will this just throw me deeper in the abyss, or is it worthwhile (seeing as it will not only require money but detract from my study time)? Or Perhaps I should wait and give it a whirl in the summer time? Could someone please tell me how it is that a buyer can walk away with $$$$ in his pocket seconds after a deal? That baffles me. Oh and would anyone have his mailing address so that I can send for one of these money makers?

Michael Spinazzola

Change your Perception - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on March 02, 1999 at 22:09:21:

Change your perception of how you see things and your mind will make it possible. Your concentrating on “Get Rich Quick” as if it it some magic formula in a box. The truth is you need to learn to understand money, how to control it and make it work for you, not you for it.
You can Get rich in anything Real Estate, Selling Info, selling hot dogs on the corner, but first you have to understand Money. I would suggest reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and his next book “The Cash Flow Quadrant”, I would also suggest you start learning investing principles and terms, Time value of Money, Yield, CCR, etc. Simple things that will give you a basis for good business. Then start understanding about compounding Money, find out what Einstien said about it. Then grab one of those boxes and realize that nothing works unless you do, or you pay someone else to do for you.

Good Luck

P.S. As overwhelming as your debt seems you could be debt free rather quickly with just a few flipped properties.

David Alexander

Thanks For all your advice, guys - Posted by Michael Spinazzola

Posted by Michael Spinazzola on February 28, 1999 at 16:12:32:

I appreciate you taking the time to read my lengthy plight. I am weighting everything the two of you have said. Yes, of course I’ll continue my education. However, I’m just itching to live more comfortably. There has to be some means between smart investing and clouding my priorities. All I can do is continue to seek advice and use logical judgment. Entrepreneuring is always going to be about the gamble. I’ll hold off on Mr. Carlton Sheets for as long as my passion allows, and see what hat trick I can pull studying and working on REI independently. Until then, perhaps there is a business minor in my near future…(if you catch my drift). Thanks Guys.

Michael Spinazzola

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Kelly

Posted by Kelly on February 28, 1999 at 15:49:59:

I think you should keep your money. I bought Carleton’s course and I can’t seem to do anything with it. Now I know there are alot of people who say it works and maybe it does for them, but it didn’t work for me. I can really relate to you. I’m 26 and right now im taking a real estate class at a local college, I wish I would have kept my money and spent it on that in the first place. There are alot of legal things about real estate to know and I think I learn better if I’m in a classroom. Anyway, I think you should stay in college and really focus on your degree. I wish I would have went when I got out of high school. Instead I’ve been working in factories and I’m really fed up with it. Like you I think I’ve tried all kinds of get rich schemes and I’m beginning to think they are all rip-offs! I also bought don lapre’s thing and basically wasted money on advertising. But being the eternal optimist that I am I feel like if I quit trying I know I’ll never make the kind of money I want. Just because I don’t get CS’s course doesn’t mean you cant make money with it! But I don’t get the “no money down” thing either. I’ve got the course and I still don’t get it! He does teach you how to build up your credit, but he also suggests you get as many credit cards with as high limits as you can. Now that could be suicide for some people! I think you really can learn alot at the public library about real estate. I would try that if I were you first. Also if you really want the course, you might try looking in one of those trader classified ads books or advertising for one and maybe you could get it real cheap. I gave mine to a friend. Also I came across one at a yard sale one time for $20! I couldv’e kicked myself! Anyway this is probably boring you but I wish you lots of luck with school and try to keep a positive attitude! Kelly

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Nick

Posted by Nick on February 28, 1999 at 13:51:21:

Mike, I have been there and done that too. Guess what?
Many of the gurus who sell courses have one thing in
common. When a person asks for some actual proof, they
do not give it. Mr. Sheets talks to other people who
are making millions of dollars with his method, but
Mr. Sheets does not mention, no not once, how much money he is making! He does not show any other proof

Mike save your money and save yourself a lot of time!
Go to school, and study hard and make something out of
yourself Mike. I am a young college student, I am 24,
and I feel into buying courses and books on making
money, I was hypnotized by making millions of dollars.
You are still young, get your education first, get
yourself a nice career, because an education is a
sure thing, no matter how many people at this website
tell you it is not. Than after you have an education
and a nice job, than start investing in real estate.

But for now, get your priorities straight Mike! What
are your goals right now Mike? Do not focuus on a
million things (like getting rich, going to school,
working at a job to pay your bills, etc…) rather
focus on one thing (like getting your education).

You can have anything in life if you want it and if
you keep on wanting it Mike!

Chances are probably you will not listen to me, rather
you will continue to get rich quick, well it won’t

Get your education Mike! It is important! If you
think that you are struggling right now! Wait until
you see what is in store for you if you do not have a
college education!!!

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Lorenzo,NC

Posted by Lorenzo,NC on February 28, 1999 at 10:23:21:


I’m not an expert by any means, but it seems to me like you are putting to much pressure on yourself to get rich quick. Guess what?? It’s not that easy. CS was a good starting point for me, but I didn’t know about this site then either. If you read all the articles and posts on this site, go to the library read books about real estate, and find other investors in your area to talk to. Then you would have a good foundation to start with. Possibly do a deal or two, but the main thing is to build your knowledge about rei.

Wish you well!!!


Posted by UNIQUE REPORTS on December 07, 1999 at 22:15:30:




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Re: Change your Perception - Posted by Michael Spinazzola in Iowa

Posted by Michael Spinazzola in Iowa on March 02, 1999 at 23:41:10:

You know…I don’t even know the author of Poor Dad/Rich Dad. Could you or someone else post that.
I’ve been looking for it and haven’t had any luck.
You’re right. It is easy to get caught up thinking in those terms. I’m young and need to absorb a lot of information yet. Real Estate is more interesting than I ever thought possible, so the drive to learn is there. I simply need to create an information data base to which I can refer in times of confusion. That data base actually starts here, (online in the many investing forums). That’s why I can’t thank those who provide this online advice enough. I’m not sure what it is that Einstein said, but I’m right on top of that.
Thanks David.

Michael Spinazzola

Re: Thanks For all your advice, guys - Posted by al

Posted by al on February 28, 1999 at 18:31:27:

Michael,I responded to Kellys advice to you.Please let met add one side note please dont think in terms of wanting a job,you seem to have a fire burning.Yes, finish school but more importantly always think in terms of how you can make money work for you.You seem to already have that urge don`t let it die!!

Don Lapre 900 numbers SUCK - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on November 04, 1999 at 13:51:58:

Well I ordered the 1-900 package and I have made a couple of dollars. But with all the new free services to listen to ads and only have to pay to respond compared to pay to listen and respond what do you all think. Now for the person that says he has made 26,000 in one month is hard to believe. Because the sales person when I purchased the 900 numbers said that this has been in service for a long time and have many users. Well I live in an area code that has 12 million people na dthere was one ad in this area code making the sales person a liar and the guy bullcrapping about how much he has made. Don lapre sucks in my opinion. And I think I am going to get a refund because of his lying dam sales person. Dont be fooled by these morons. They are crooks and thats all there is to it. There are many dating sites on the net that are free. Dont waste your money on a 900 call. Oh and before any one emails me. Remember this is my opinion that I can back up and is covered under the first amendment rights. So one more time Don Lapre 900 numbers suck. And there sales people suck because they lie about how many users that are on the sytem.

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by al

Posted by al on February 28, 1999 at 18:23:23:

Kelly and Michael Im really sorry you all have had bad experience with the courses or gurus,I spend about average $300.00 per month for realistate courses and motivational programs.From everyone of them ive learned something to help push me in the right direction (even the in jail William McCorkles course was a good tool for my box!)Yes I`m a full time realistate investor and i did it in 2 1/2 years!I truly think it is how you look at your life and what you will get out of it.Along with a job i hated,and not wanting to do it the bosses way helped motivate me.I now make more than double of what i did when i had that “dependable” job.Please read RICH DAD POOR DAD,(the author will be speaking at the convention),get TONY ROBBINS PERSONAL POWER 2,this may help you both develop the big picture focus.If you need more help or advise email me AL

Thanks Kelly…That actually helps. - Posted by Michael Spinazzola

Posted by Michael Spinazzola on February 28, 1999 at 16:56:42:

Yeah, I was not aware of how available this product could be outside of the infomercial bubble…(at discounted prices). I’m thinking twice with that in mind. And I do agree with you; get rich quick schemes are all rip offs to the point that most are fraudulent. Yet, I find myself strangely attracted to everything advertised after midnight. And I don’t get my fix until I have booklets and cheaply constructed videos on things I already knew. It’s sad. My girlfriend split the cost of the notorious super household solvent “Oxi-Clean” with a friend of hers. I’ve never seen any one so driven to clean in my life (both of them). Needless to say, It didn’t do what any ordinary generic brand cleaning solvent couldn’t. So it’s reception had less than gratified the two newbie neat freaks (Aside from it’s cost of fifty big ones). They are now venturing into the wonderful world of $100 self pumping air mattresses. And stemming from the Guru’s and the suckers, a non-profit support group with the consumer’s best interest in mind is called for. I hereby found “LIAR”: Listless Infomercial Addict’s Rehabilitation. All in Favor??? …I!!!

Michael Spinazzola

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Bassman

Posted by Bassman on March 01, 1999 at 18:44:52:

Though I agree with you in part , Nick , having a College Education is not the “End all” for life some people make it out to be. I do not have a College Ed., but, I do own a very good Vending biz. I agree education is great , but the wrong education can be useless, even detrimental in life. If you do not put yourself 100% + in what ever you do , you will go nowhere. I’m deciding to get into REI because I want to another venue of income/experience to my life. Do I think I will get RICH , define rich.I get to spend alot of time raising my 6 month old even while doing my biz. To me , im the richest man on this site. Do I make a million a year , no , but i Do Know the Value of Time . REI is a good thing to do to be able to have Free Time to enjoy what makes Life Great . You just have to choose what being Rich means to you.
May all your deals be prosperous and plentiful

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by marcus mundy

Posted by marcus mundy on May 04, 1999 at 10:48:56:

Many people think that anybody tring to show you a way to make money is trying to scam you. But I know a way to make money from schemes, but there not really scams they are morally wrong and lies.How I got in the mailorder business by taking scams and turning them into positive things and legal.Like MLM they are the scam of the century. I have a MLM that uses a product. I got a MLM program that didnt use any product just a chain of people sending money to people.Thats what make illegal.I got to go.

Re: Sadly, I’m a sucker for get rich quick schemes - Posted by Chuck

Posted by Chuck on February 28, 1999 at 19:40:48:


Lorenzo has some good advice. I too want to get the CS course but have been learning so much on this site and Newsgroup I, that I don’t know if I have time for it!! This site has taught me more in the last six months than I ever thought I would learn about RE in a couple of years! I have also read some stuff from the library.

Also, while I don’t want to understate the value of an education, reference Nick’s statements; I’m not sure, but wasn’t it Mark Twain that said:

“Don’t let your education get in the way of your success”

I am a 44 year old man with three grown children and 3 grandsons and am learning so much on my own, but I had to get my priorities straight first. Continue your education, work as much as you can and get your debt load down and eventually out of the way. All the while, studying this site, and you’ll know which steps to take when.

Good Luck,


Posted by Shauna on October 05, 2000 at 22:13:40:

Please send me mail!

Re: Change your Perception - Posted by David Alexander

Posted by David Alexander on March 03, 1999 at 24:25:14:

The author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is Robert Kiyosaki his website is, and his books are available at your local bookstores. Einstien when asked what was the greatest math discovery he had ever made was? Replied to everyone’s astonishment " Compound Interest ".

Learn to understand money first and the rest of all business and RE, investing will follow. Another good book to read is The Richest Man in Babylon by George Classon.

scammed for more money - Posted by Scruffy

Posted by Scruffy on March 18, 2003 at 06:22:43:

I know what you mean. Not only that. But for a while I was not charged monthly for having the 900 numbers. It was suppose to be a one time charge.(which I spent a couple thousand for) One day I seen a charge for $60 from Universal Business Strastegies. How clever for them to change their name to throw me off. I had websites set up for months. Never made a penny.

Re: Don Lapre 900 numbers SUCK - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on June 04, 2002 at 12:12:02:

Thanks for the info. I too have purchased the Money Making Package. Fortunately I have not signed up for a 900 number. Although i have thought about purchasing some of the catalogues and using direct mail, starting with postcards. But now I am considering returning the entire pachage. Has anyone done this and was there any problem getting a refund?